The New Nuggets

The New Nuggets

The biggest reason we traded Chauncey was Ty Lawson. Before the season was over there would have been a fight to bench Chauncey and start Ty because at this point Ty Lawson is a better basketball player. Management masterfully used the Carmelo trade as a good excuse/reason to also move Chauncey. BOTTOMLINE ITS ABOUT WINNING GAMES. Chauncey in the 4th quarter is phenomenal. Ty Lawson has a very high ceiling and his growth was being stunted. In Denver the fans are trilled.


Masai Ujiri is about to win executive of the year, unless (elephant in room) Miami rights the ship, refs give stars preferential treatment and NBA changes name to NBE (entertainment) and starts rigging competitions. Its an interesting battle developing between “superstars” who will get all the glory and cannot even help a role player up off the ground (Erick Dampier vs I think Portland) and a team full of glue guys who doesn’t care about anything except winning. READ THIS about David Stern. I used to hate the Spurs because we (Nuggets) at the time were following the superstar model. Now I hate them slightly less and I hope that Nuggets can duplicate their success.


When Nuggets have Wilson Chandler, AAA and Kenyon in the game opponents pretty much stop scoring.

When we have Felton Birdman and JR together in the game JR gets into a rhythm, plays within himself, and is an assassin that we all know he has the potential to be. Birdman shoots like 80%FG.

When we have Ty Lawson and Ray Felton in there together WOW. Both had a double double on Chris Paul.

The way to notice how good the trade is to think about this: After we made the trade OKC traded for Perkins and Nate Robinson (possibly able to cover Ty). Portland traded for Gerald Wallace (so he and Batum can cover Gallo and Wilson). Utah accepted a modified Melo offer. All of that was initiated AFTER Nuggets moves.


Ty Lawson and Ray Felton

 “[nuggets] got 2 guys, around 6’ tall, fast, quick, strong as bulls, motivated – coming at you every second they are on the court, like little tornadoes. Ty Lawson and Ray Felton terrify opponents. Who wants to face that?” --- sgiustra. BTW I think you write great blogs and its fine to bash Melo. I used to defend him because he was on the Nuggets, but he’s now like an ex-girlfriend, now that the relationship is over with, its fine to explain to others that we used to be with him, but our life is better now…

TyRay Felson seems like Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas. The fact they and Coach Karl all went to UNC means they are all on the same page, right now it’s no egos, championship focus—its personal (and it don’t hurt that Nuggets got the light blue, tho I would like to see alternate jerseys more often black or green) I do not understand how NBA management does not value NCAA success. Both Ty and Ray were the leader of the best team out of the 64 best teams. Yet you still have Derrick Favors getting chosen over DeMarcus Cousins (traded 0.5 seasons in) and DeJuan Blair as a 2nd round pick and Darko over Carmelo.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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