JR Smith, Ray Felton Should be Starters

There are some interesting new matchup battles for playing time and big minutes brewing on the nuggets.

                First: Ty Lawson + Arron Afflalo

                Second: Raymond Felton + JR Smith.

With 38 minutes per game JR would have more plays that effect the game than AAA. It’s a fact, look at the stats: in 10 min less per game JR has better stats. give JR 37 minutes/game. give AAA 22 minutes

AAA stats: 35mpg-13.0 points- 3.7 rebounds-2.5 assists-.5 steals-1 tourn  13.7PER

JR stats:     25mpg-11.6 points- 4.2 rebounds-2.1 assists-1.2steals-1 tourn 15.9PER         

The pairs seemed to have been pitted against each other. Over the last few games, esp at Pepsi Center JR and Felton have played better than Ty and AAA. Said Raymond Felton: "I know what kind of player JR is. My job is to get [JR] some easy shots early so he can get it going." The important thing is get JR in rhythm by giving him more minutes, touches and shots.

There is no doubt JR smith is dangerous. have you ever seen AAA score 40 points in a game: NO! JR has proven he can do that, therefore he is more important to the team. AAA is a supporting player, a role player… JR has the athletic ability to be a superstar, JR looks to score first which makes him a threat other teams have to account for. From the mentality of a competitor, which JR (6 yrs) and Felton (5 yrs) have more career experience than Ty (2 yrs) and AAA(3 yrs), no way are they going to let them take their spots. Since the trade all positions are up for grabs, they should be starting it will make the nuggets better.

Future Starters, which could be as early as next season, if no Kenyon:

(1.PG) Ray Felton, (2.SG)JR Smith, (3.SF) Wilson Chandler, (4.PF) Gallo, (5.C) Nene


Bench: Ty Lawson, Gary Forbes, [a guard/forward] Harrington, Anderson, Mozgov, Koufous

Heres the deal: We would be crazy to resign AAA and not get JR. I think that something in the 9 million range for 5 seasons (5yr/45mil) is the next contract for JR. He wants to stay on denver, the management wants him here. We can resign Gary Forbes to play the spot AAA leaves. We can resign  Wilson Chandler for like 5 mill/ four seasons (4yrs/22mill).

Priority 1: George Karl Priority 2: Nene Priority 3: Wilson Chandler. Priority 4:JR Smith Caproom=20 mil. if theres room after that for AAA, then bring him back, if not promote forbes

 Just like we let go Dauntey Jones, AAA is due. Gary forbes even looks like AAA lol, AAA can go on to a career with like the bulls or Houston. I think our management is going to drop a hint on GK to give JR more minutes, starting minutes, as early as tomorrow 3/2 nuggets vs. bobcats. They have to see JR try to be the lead player, you never know with JR on the road (the and1s vs portland in the 3rd), but u have to think if you gave him 35+ minutes JR would have more oppurtunites to have good plays to even out bad plays.

 We NEED TO START JR AND FELTON over Ty and AAA. Our best players have to play to give us a chance and its clear which group is more productive on the court. They have more energy and productivity, if they can get it going then the nuggets can pick up their scoring. I am not sure how the pair will do on the road but a good plan would be to start them at (1) Point Guard and 2 (SG) Shooting guard versus Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday

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