Offseason Optimism

There seems to be a lot of uncertainty over this Nuggets team regarding the future.  The most questionable topic  being whether or not we will be able to resign Nene, Chandler, AAA and Jr with Gallo and Ty coming up shortly after
With some creative financing and a bit of luck I think we can retain this core

Nene- We need to extend Nene before he gets to free agency which shouldn't be hard as he wants to stay in Denver and he should get roughly the same as his current deal (11 mil).  We get to decide what his contract will look like so we should start it high and decrease each year as we have plenty of space next year but will need space the year after for Gallo. e.g 3 yr 33 mil ext. at 13 mil -> 10.5 -> 9

AAA, Chandler - Both players have low qualifying offers so other teams can offer them contracts and force us to match.  Good news being that due to a number of reasons (teams spent up last offseason, saving for 2012 class, large trade deadline, Cba uncertainty) This offseason shouldn't be too hectic.

  • Teams to watch with cap space are

    Indiana - Coming into a great looking salary situation in coming years but already have Granger and Paul George at SF but could possibly try to steal Afflalo with intent to compete next season
  • Sacramento - Stupidly low salary but also stupidly low team.  Massive hole for swingmen but cant see Chandler signing an offer sheet there.  likely to draft a young SF/SG.  not likely to contend next year anyway
  • Minnesota - Bease and Wes johnson are their Swingmen.  more likely to focus on draft/ Rubio than Free agents
  • Nets - with no draft pick will look to be a big FA player to keep D-Will happy.  Hopefully get Butler/ Green/AK-47 but need a PF more than Swingmen anyway with Outlaw and Morrows contracts there

every team without cap space can only offer the MLE and Denver would happily match.  With our cap flexibility teams should target players like Butler, Green, J-rich, Crawford, Al Thornton or Thaddeus Young as thier teams wont have as good a chance at retaining them.  Fronloaded contracts again would be ideal to free up space in following years when it is needed

J R/ Kmart -Smith wants to stay here but no one is sure about Kenyon.  I personally would like to see both return as they know the team and are vets. Kmart should accept a low contract because his last was so ridiculous and Jrs should have performance incentives or a team option

after all of that we could be looking at

Nene - 13
Kmart - 2.5
Gallo - 4
AAA - 5?
TY - 1.6
Chandler - 8?, Smith 6, Mos, Bird, Al, Ray ,Kouf, scrubs - 22/23

Total = 63 million

For the year thats more than reasonable and if Chandler or AAA get more it will be around 65 - 70 mil. Then to make room for Gallos pay day we need to put assets to use (Felton, picks) to package with Al to any team for an expiring contract (pref. PG, Billups maybe?)  it wont be losing Ray for nothing because it will be choosing Gallo and Chandler over him.

Other - Dont know what will happen to Forbes.  Use draft pick on tall backup point guard (Nolan Smith, Brandon Knight, Alec Burks).  Try trade for a consistent PF/C off the bench (Jason Thompson, Marresse Speights). Fill out team with cheap second rounders and vets.

Doing all of this will result in a strong young team deep at all positions with no big Al contract and other contracts decreasing to accomodate Gallo and Ty. 

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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