Hey Denver Fans

'm a member over at Posting & Toasting,so needless to say I'm a Knicks fan. I'm not here to talk smack, or trash your ogranization. I have no ill will towards the Nuggets (maybe your front office, just a little), and am personally excited for you guys to get some of the most beloved former Knicks. Here's what I can tell you about these guys, if you didn't already know. I'll throw in some highlights because who doesn't like highlights!


Raymond Felton: I'm sure probably everyone heard the borderline hype the first half of the season for the borderline All-Star PG. I'm not sure what kind of players ya'll are into, but pretty much all Knicks fans loved Felton. The dude has got grit like almost no other PG. We used to call him a bulldog over at P&T for his toughness, agressiveness and stature. He can be streaky, but his jumper is nearly automatic two or three feet inside the arc, and he's a creative finisher at the basket. His defense will likely improve again under a coach who stresses it more, and you'll see he's very good in the open floor.

He can be clutch as well

Nice dishing

Wilson Chandler: Most Knicks fans figured he'd be gone after this season, but it hurts nonetheless for us to let go of him. Everything about Ill-Will as he's often called, is quiet. Most of the time when he scores 20 points, you won't even realize he did. He never celebrates after a big play, and hardly ever shows emotion. He's a pretty solid rebounder (6-7 a game, usually), and decent on the defensive end, particularly blocking shots. His game can be silky smooth, but he's definitely got a knack for the "showtime" type plays. Don't believe me? Check these out:

Sorry, Javale McGee

Had to add this one too ;)

And a little D too!

Danilo Gallinari: This one probably hurt the most. Gallinari, mostly referred to as Gallo, is a big, goofy, ball of potential. You've seen him before. Last season he went toe-to-toe, shot-for-shot with Melo... and won! This year he's added better ball-handling, passing and driving. He also is extremely adept at getting to the hoop and going to the FT line. While his stats don't show it, he's also a pretty good man-to-man defender.

See, he's not so soft

But he does have a soft side

Timofey Mozgov: Mozgov is a project. Can't deny that. However, it's rare to find a 7-footer, who can shoot and run the floor like he does. He doesn't have the best of hands, but if he gets a nice, easy pass, he can usually finish. He has his fair share of goof-ups, but overall he might benefit from learning under guys like Nene and Birdman, and provide some nice stuff in garbage time, or if one of those guys are injured.

Oh and he did this to DeMar DeRozan!

Overall, you guys are getting some wonderful, fun, lovable players. And of course, you probably don't need to hear this, but you're making out a lot better than teams like Toronto or Cleveland did when they lost their star players. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! And I'll probably be rooting for ya'll just for their sake!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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