Just For Fun - My "Why I'm a Nuggets Fan" List

Here's a diversion.

I'm psyched to find this site and some like-minded Nuggets fans.   Also burned out on the Melodrama and thought I'd step back for some perspective.

Feel free to add your own list.  My allegiance only goes back to '78, so you won't see anything on the early years:

1.  The Skywalker scores 73.  Listened to the game on the radio with my grandfather and became a fan.  Hard not to after seeing how excited my GF got!  As a 10 year old,  David Thompson became my Micheal Jordan.

2. Young Nuggets take down the Sonics in the playoffs in '94.  Never been so excited and hopeful about the Nuggets.  What happened to all that potential?

3.  Alex English.  Class and grace.  And the most beautiful 15 foot baseline jumper ever.

4.  Melo and crew take the Lakers to the brink.  Best Nuggets team ever.  Not good enough tho.

5.  Those crazy high-scoring 80's.  Doug Moe and his crew of prolific boxscore fillers.  Thompson, Kiki, English, Issel kept me stoked to check the box score every day. Somewhere in the middle of this era the Pistons beat the Nugs 186-184.

6.  Bobby Jones, Hanzlik, Bryant Stith, Najera, Ryan Bowen, TR Dunn.  Love the unsung, unselfish, hard working guys.  AAA may yet make this list someday, although I suspect he'll become too "sung".

7.  Calvin Natt.  I watched him at 6-4 shut down Ralph Sampson in the playoffs.  Too bad his knees didn't hold out.

8. George Karl.  He would have never made my list a few years ago.  I've gained a tremendous amount of respect.  He's a role model for anyone who's dealt with adversity.

9.  The colorful characters.  Moe, Birdman, Brian Williams, Hastings, LaPhonso Ellis, Boykins, The Horse.

10.  Michael Adams three-point streak.  The waterbug shooting guard with the shot-put shooting motion buried a 3 in 79 straight games.  The only Nugs shooter streakier than JR Smith.

Just missed the list:  The finger wag,  Fat Lever,  Todd "white man can jump" Lichti,  the McDyess highlight reel, the time Rodney Rodgers scored 9 points in the last seconds of the game to tie it up vs. the Jazz.,


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