This. Team. Kills. Me.

I've read Denver Stiffs for years. Tonight was the first time I was sufficiently implored to create a posting.

It hurts me to say this, but I'm sick of this team. We have a great win against Dallas (only after a terrible loss to GS), play some of our best ball in the first 2.5 quarters against Memphis and then...quit.

I find it harder and harder to keep liking this team. So many attitudes and agendas that aren't poised and focused on simply winning basketball games (I know it's hard with all the rumors but come on, I don't think rumors gave up a 17 point lead with 3 mins left in the 3rd)

Let me say this: For all of the Melo hysterics going on, right now it doesn't matter. This team isn't going to win anything in the playoffs, if we even get there. We don't have enough leaders, or a high enough in-game IQ (My friends and I used to call us the Denver Chaunceys b/c we would only go as far as he took us--but now it seems that Chuckin' Chauncey has let the Nuggets rub off on him more than he's rubbed off on the rest of our players). But what disgusts me the most is the Nuggies' lack of professionalism. We lack the discipline that should define a professional sports team--Stupid fouls, stupid shots and just a general malaise are all phrases I would use to characterize our team.

Tonight we had no excuses. No back to backs, no fatigue (at least no more than Memphis), no hectic traveling schedule. If anything, I'd excuse this game if it was the fourth in five nights. But no. We had two or three days off.

I know. Lots of negativity. Some of you may not want to read it--maybe I'm just venting and need to cool off but this was a pathetic performance by a team that GK calls "the best he's had in Denver." Give me a break.

If Melo playing his ass off (of course I mean strictly on the offensive end) doesn't make that much of a difference to us in terms of leadership and wins/losses, then why are we all sweating to keep him? It's time to blow this up. Let the Melo situation be the beginning of a rebuilding process where we assemble a team that always plays hard, always plays defense (Again, effort) and upholds the expectations and definition of what it means to be a professional athlete.



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