JR is Just Ridiculous, should he stay?

JR is just ridiculous.  At times his dunks and highlights are perhaps the most incredible plays I've seen in months.  At other times his decisions are the most ridiculous I've seen from an NBA player.  Either way JR is perhaps the most polarizing player the Nuggets have and that is clear from the variety of comments about him on this site.  I'd like to present my opinion on JR and see what others think also.

Andrew recently posted that it is time for the FO to seriously consider not bringing JR back next year.  JR15, perhaps the most loyal JR supporter on this site would probably move to whatever city JR went to. 

Here are the stats.  PER of 15.5, good for 14th best SG in the league.  3pt prctng of 34% with 11ppg and 2apg. 

JR is clearly working on his game and trying, more so than the past, to do what Karl is asking of him. 

His defense has improved and while he won't get DP of the year, it is better than the past.

His decision making is much better, at times I'd like him to be more aggressive with his shot.

He seems to be defering to Melo, CB, Nene, Lawson and even AAA.

At times he continues to have bad body language and attitude on the court.

JR is only 24 yrs old, a year older than Ty Lawson.  I would argue that JR not going to college hindered his development tremendously and he is only just now starting to recover from that.  His trail of broken relationships scatters across the league from NO to CHI to here where he and Karl seem to have the best relationship right now they have ever had.  His off court decisions are famously bad and he could be a poster-child for the dangers of instant riches and me first gratification mentality.

That said it looks like he is finally starting to grow up.  I'd say that next year, with Melo probably gone, and if there is a rebuilding process happening, JR should get the opportunity to be a serious part of the O. 

It seems JR is one of those guys who has to be torn down before he can be built back up.  It looks like Karl has torn him down.  The question is whether or not he can recover.  JR was very immature, he might be ready to grow up.  The only question is how much is his potential worth?  I don't think a lot of other teams are willing to risk too much on him so he shouldn't be that much.  I for one would love to see JR mature into a Paul Pierce type player, tough, a bit of attitude, but ready to do whatever is needed.  Hopeful? yes, but also possible.

I think JR needs to be with the Nuggets post Melo and is worth the cost of tough love needed to invest in him.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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