How good are we really?

I want to try to tackle this question a friend asked me to the best of my ability. I am going to go through 2 scenarios, one with AAA, and one without.

With AAA I do not believe there is a better team in the league than our beloved Nuggets. Think about it, how many point guard tandems in the league are better than Lawson and Miller? Throw in the rookie Julyan Stone, who in my opinion is very deserving of minutes, and what other PG combos stack up? The Clippers now can, but that is assuming CB1 plays backup PG and not SG. At the SG position, we have AAA, Fernandez(I was not really sold on him until Friday, dude can play and is humble) Jordan Hamilton, and Brewer. Now that is a deep position with unselfish guys and players who can put up points in a hurry. Now at Small Forward we have Gallo whom we all know can be a star or be a normal player, Big Al, J Hamilton(plays both). This is our weakest position on the court, which is still impressive. I believe if anything, we need a better backup for Gallo, maybe trade Brewer for a serviceable SF. Now we are getting into the strongest position we have currently, Power Forward. Nene starting at PF instead of C will do wonders for him in my opinion, as he will be stronger than most of the other PF's he plays against, and the ones he is not stronger than, he has the footwork and moves to be better. Backing him up should be Faried, followed by Big Al. I could go on for days about the one known as Manimal, but we will all see his body of work as long as Karl allows it. Finally we move on to Center. Mozgov will be our starter and we should all call Karl and thank him, as it allows Nene to slide to his natural position. Mozgov is HUGE and will make a big difference on both ends, he does possess a decent mid range jumper too. Backing up Timo should be Bird for 10-15 mins a night and then Kosta. Bird will play because he brings the energy to the crowd and Kosta should play as he is another tower. My projection is 48-18

Lineup should be

PG- Lawson, Miller, Stone

SG- AAA, Fernandez, Brewer

SF- Gallo, Harrington, Hamilton

PF- Nene, Faried, Harrington

C- Mozgov, Bird, Kosta

Without AAA, a lot stays the same with the exception of more Fernandez, Hamilton, and Stone. I think they lose a few more games though, as Afflalo's fundamentals are not easily attained. This team would most likely go 41-25 which might be good for 6th or 7th seed.

Simply stated, we need AAA back. He is a vital part of our success and we are a much much better team with him than without. We will be a team to be reckoned with this season and I for one am glad that ESPN and other media sources have us completely under the radar due to our "lack" of a star. I believe we have 5 stars on the court at all times and the players know that too.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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