The State of the Nuggets Nation (as I see it)

Dear Fellow Stiffs,

None of you know me but let me just say I have been a behind the scenes Stiffs junkie for longer than I care to say. For the better part of three years I have laughed, screamed, and sometimes cried with you all. Nothing to date has compelled me to contribute but I must say this year is different. As Wayne so eloquently put back in 1992: "Today, I'm feeling saucy"! Looking back on 2003, I feel blessed that we landed that coveted number three pick and plucked that spunky "no-snitchin" star from the proverbial draft day clouds almost a decade ago.

Of course his tenure was wrought with ups and downs: playoff no shows, first round exits, and the like. But that is not what I would like to focus on. I would like to focus on where we are now because of his inevitable and well-earned departure. Today we all stand supporting a team I can't recall being this excited about. (The '10 Nuggets wereup there but let's all thank Deron Williams for how that ended). With the re-signing of Nene - a.k.a the Brazilian Beast, a.k.a. the South American snow cone (let that hair out son!) - I see great times ahead.

Some would urge caution ... Arron Afflalo is still nowhere to be found. I would say within two days he will be in camp. If there is one thing I have learned from the Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke brain trust it is to sit back and enjoy. For just as things seem hopeless, they always seem to swoop in and surprise us at the last minute.

With our old friend Andre Miller back and new additions like Kenneth Faried and Jordan Hamilton, I see a roster full of depth and promise, capable of winning as many games as George Karl allows them to. As per our other acquisition, which has been almost unanimously approved, Rudy Fernandez (as Spanish a G as I ever saw) and Corey ("Yes I was on that same Florida team" and "Yes I'm still in the league") Brewer should make for two crucial X-factors this upcoming season. (The other X-factor of course being Al Harrington's - i.e. Alfred Beef Wellington's - waistline).

As I have had the unfortunate pleasure of residing in Portland for the past six years, I can say that we should learn to love Rudy. True he is hard to like on any other team, but like bleu cheese I think you will all love him once he is on your plate. He was a fan favorite here in Portland until Nate McMillan decided that fast breaks were bad and basically relegated him to a cleanup role. I think we are all forgetting Andre and what a stud he can be in clutch situations. His I.Q. is vastly underrated and he will make an excellent fourth quarter point guard if Karl uses him the way I think he will. Yes, his jumpshotlooks like my great uncle Heston trying to raise the roof but let's not forget he did put up 50.

Long winded as this has all been I would like to say you fellow Stiffs have helped me through some tough Nugget times (thanks, AC), and I look forward to this season with bated breath. I ask that you all try to remain optimistic as I feel that this is finally a team we can get behind, for better or worse. Be proud to be Nuggets fans. Let's get on our feet for Dre's return. Let's get Nene to THROW IT DOWN for a change. And finally, let's enjoy what should be the the most back asswards season since '99. Go Nugz! Hold down Mile High for me until I return ya'll!!!

P.S. Prediction (38-28, 4th in the West, you heard it here first.)

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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