Now it's War!

Our squad is just about set, We have height in Moz, Kouf. Strength in Nene, Moz, Faried. Skills in Nene, Gallo, Ty. Brains in Miller, AAA. Speed with Ty, AAA.

Payback # 1: The Thunder

Last year, we were railroaded in the playoffs by injuries. Yes, that's right! We lost to the Thunder 'cause we were injured. Yes, injuries are an excuse because you dont go in to a series with half your team injured and think that you are ready to war. You are NOT.

Our blossoming center, a 7 footer was out, our heart and soul guard was out, our 2 "Knick" forwards were coming off of injuries.

And still, we locked horns with the Thunder in a series that was more competitive than the 4 - 1 final.

Let me ask you a question? How would the Thunder have done if Sefolosha and Collison were out and Harden and Maynor were coming off injuries. I havent even suggested touching their 2 stars. How would they have done? After accounting for 60 points between Westy and KD, who was going to score the others? Who was going to rebound, play defense?

We'd have crushed to Thunder. And, yes, I am crying. Remember how heartbreaking at least 2 losses were?

Well, this year I expect we wont get hit by such hard luck. We will be fighting with both hands and we have some payback to deliver. It'll be like a street fight and we'll see who comes out of it this time.

Payback # 2: Mello

He left me now I'm gonna get a much hotter (fill in the blank). Just human nature. Screw you Mello.

Payback # 3: The established media, Colin Cowhead, Skip Clueless, Timid Legendless, etc

We went 18 - 7 after trade. We could have won more but just gave up the last couple of games. We creamed most teams we faced even the really good ones. We were close to the lead in point differential. Our losses were close games, essentially to the NBA elite teams, mostly on the road. We played as exciting a brand of BB as could be played - fast, tenacious, smart, unselfish. We are returning with the same team, possibly better.

What kind of preseason buzz have we received? Nothing. Nada. We are invisible.

Well, let's force them to talk about us again. Just like last year. Go Nuggets!!!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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