Where I feel We Can Go From Here...

I live in SoCal, surrounded by idiot Laker fans and pretty sure soon to be LA Clipper Band-waggoners. But I myself am a denver NUGGETS fan and am actually pretty excited with the talent we have on this team. I'd like to explain why...

First Off.. We have talent. Will the nuggets win a championship this year? more than likely not. Do we have a future? Effing yeah we do. If you look at out roster and potential Starters, with the exception of Nene because his future is uncertain, the oldest player to start would be AAA at 26. Think about it. Starting line up of Ty, 24, AAA, 26, Manimal 22, Galo, 24, Moz, 25. This is without Nene who would be 29. I would be thrilled to watch this young core of players develop together. How many teams have the opportunity to run a unit of developing players with this much talent grow together? Danilo would probably have a better chance guarding power forwards like Pau or Garnett, then he would small forwards like Melo, Durant, and James.

Tried and True: Ty Lawson. This guy is underrated. Yes, it seems a little bias coming from a nuggets fan and in no way am I saying he is an ELITE PG yet, but just look at his stats. The kid is efficient. he's smart with the ball ( if you don't) believe that, just look at his TO ratio), and has only had a half season at the starting position. He's an asset. He'll only continue to grow.

Locked In: Arron Afflalo. Im almost positive no team will be desperate enough to offer him a contract that the nuggets arent readily willing to match. Another guy with drive. Hard working, defensive and shooter. He can be a leader and a great contributor. wish he dunked more though. always seems to do a layup. Either way, he has shown he can do big things, and with this year we'll definitely need him to step up into a leadership role.

New and Exciting: Kenneth Faried. Give Faried a Chance to do it. I think he was a heavily looked over in the draft. Sounds bias again, but look at a lot of blogs that have kept tabs on the rookies.. no one has caused more of an uproar than this kid. Hes a winner, and he doesnt back down defensively. He's basically a Blake Griffin Kenyon Martin but 2" shorter with better speed, better hops and more aggressive than either of em. Is he good with the ball in his hand? Not really his strong point. can he do something with this kinda team around him? easily.

The Italian Job: Danilo Gallinari: This guy can score. He can play D, and he has great agility for someone his height. Hes been playing overseas so coming back he should already be in shape. I like the idea of having him as a 4, kinda like a Dirk role.

The Project: Timofey Mozgov: 4 years younger than Nene, and is just as big. He's still soft. He has to get more aggressive. But He's a good presence. Is he ready to be the go to guy in the middle? not too sure just yet since he hasnt had a starting chance really, however, if Nene walks, he's not a bad fit.

Just remember, this is a if Nene walks scenario. and we dont get a big name guy in the center, I would enjoy watching this team run the court as we develop. Who knows, they may just end up surprising people, most notably their own fans..

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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