Hypothetical Question from a Bulls fan: What would it take to get Afflalo?

Hi All,

As the title suggests, I am a bulls fan, but I am one who enjoyed watching your team play last year, namely Aaron Afflalo. With the nba already started, as a Bulls fan, like many fans, Ive been contimplating what my team needs to take the next step. Really the biggest need is a good wing man to pair alongside Derrick Rose. I believe Afflalo fits the description of the IDEAL wingman for rose. So I would like to ask you guys if, hypothetically, A.A. did tell Nugget Management that he would like to go to chicago through a trade if possible, what would it take for Denever Management to Accept a deal?

heres a breakdown of all players who are available in trades from the bulls:

Ronnie Brewer-A great defender, he has quick feet and active hands. Hes a very unselfish team player, wont complain about minutes or role so long as he plays. His offensive game is really just 20 foot jumpers (of the wide open variety) and close range shots and dunks. He plays hard all game.

Kyle Korver-Probably one of the best shooters in the NBA. His release is smooth and quick, and the guy is pretty clutch, he wont miss big game shots. He's also got great stamina, he is terrific at running around the court ala Ray Allen. His offensive game is nowhere near as diverse as Ray Allens, and while he tries on defense, he just doesnt have the footspeed, strength, or instincts as a great defender.

Taj Gibson-An under rated power forward. He is solid in every regard. As an offensive player he has a nice array of hooks in the post, and good enough an athlete to throw down. He also has a 20 foot jumper, but its not near money yet. He is a good defender, and a good team mate. His free throw shooting is kind of terrible, and while a good reobunder, he sometimes has trouble catching passes.

CJ Watson-A combo guard. He is a good ball handler and is only about 6'2 without great athleticism, so his primary position is point guard. His abilities shine however when he is looking to score. A very good long range shooter, he does a great job of creating his shot. Also a good team mate (the bulls are filled with these) and while not a great passer, he is willing.


Omer Asik-A big man who is a great defender, both post and man. He has solid foot speed allowing him to keep up with forwards and guards who come into the paint or get the switch. He is a really good shot blocker with incredible length. He isnt very strong, but he looks to dunk every time he touches the ball and goes up strong. Offensively he doesnt have any post moves or any sort of jumpshot. He has improved his free throw shooting by quite a bit, but its still just average for a big man. He is a smart player, who finds ways to get position on both ends of the court, and doesnt take plays off. In his rookie campaign his biggest problem might have been foul troubles, which got much better near the end of the season.


Charlotte Pick-We have a charlotte pick which is lottery protected in 2012, and then top 10 protected in 2013 and then top 3 protected in 2014 and then all protection wears off by 2015


Our first rounders- Needs no explantions

Second round picks-the bulls next second round pick is I believe in 2013

Mirotic- euro 20 mvp (20 years or less league) a great power forward who has good defensive instincts and even better offensive ability. He has a good ranged jumper, nice post moves, and great size. He's a young euro prospect with tons of potential.


For right now these are the players/picks available. I might come back and update this information when players are signed to our team.


For those who answer, please try to offer suggestions that would work salary wise (close to matching salaries) and also seem fair to both sides if possible.


Thanks for your time.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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