just blogging about the nugs

Now I have recently read an article that Kenyon was one of the worst power forwards in the league. I did want to disagree because I respect what Kenyon does on our roster as far as being a captain and playing defense. I also believe that at the end of the season he will be peaking and will get better. Of course that is to be determined. However it is evident our team is below average at the 4 position.

There has been much chatter and speculation all season that melo is not going to re-sign, we need to trade him. But this is looking at the problem thru the wrong lense. Ill give you an example: this season flozell adams was cut by the cowboys because he was not a good enough left tackle, at right tackle the cowboys have marc columbo, and he is AWFUL, he sucks. What the cowboys could have done was cut Colombo and move flozel to right tackle. The steelers signed flozell, moved him to right tackle, they use his run blocking ability and now they are in the superbowl, you can say that’s a coincidence but I notice hes on the steelers and now they are in the championship, which is where the nuggets want to be.

So how about INSTEAD OF TRADING CARMELO, WE TRADE ONE OF OUR PLAYERS FOR A BETTER 4 POWER FORWARD. Thus prompting Carmelo to see that we are serious about winning, and he can re-sign here. There is a well chronicled story that Kobe demanded to be traded but instead of the lakers trading him they upgraded to Pau Gasol, upgraded their talent, and went on to win more titles.

Then who can be traded from our roster. I think best asset is JR SMITH. If we keep melo and afflalo, JR is less important, and trust me there is a team out there who wants JR. Also Kenyon is on an expiring contract, Harrington is a veteran, Sheldon has raised his value, theres no interest for birdman, thats all.  

AND who can the nuggets target? I would want an explosive leaping player at the 4 who Ty Lawson could play pick and roll with. Tyrus Thomas is one, Anthony Randolph possibly. How about Zach Randolph from Memphis. Possibly Taj Gipson or Hakim Warrick. We need a high flying, high energy, can get blocks and get alley oops is a willing rebounder, give the nuggets a lift, energy.  

Even a trade that gives away Nene for 2 players such as DeMarcus Cousins and Jason Thompson and/carl landry. What if we got Linus Kleiza and Ed Davis from Toronto. What if we got Louis Scola from Houston or some of the clippers young bigs or the Wizards. Just brainstorming, a thought experiment…


The nuggets are so good that they rest their players. This is a very good sign that our team is so deep that our veteran players take games off. Nene was held out for precautionary reasons, as in we did not need him to beat the cavs. Kenyon does not play back to backs we are hoping that he peaks towards the end of the year. Birdman has been injured and it is hopeful that he can come back and make an impact when we need it most. Carmelo has taken some days off this season like when we played boston, and he was also out five games following the death of his sister. There has been games where ty and Chauncey have missed the 2nd half or a game here or there. With all the depth on our roster GK has been good about getting players rest.

If you follow other good teams in the NBA they are doing this also. The lakers have “saved” bynum this season. The Celtics do with their many veterans. the injury bug has hit Chicago this season, but in the long run they will benefit from Noah and boozer missing 25% of the season if they can be together for the playoffs. The spurs are the team that invented saving players for later.

There are some teams that cannot afford to win games and save players for the playoffs together. The Miami heat have the big 3, but  little depth to speak of without them, as evidence by the nuggets dominating them a little while back without lebron. The knicks play some of their top players 40 minutes plus per game. Oklahoma city is young and fresh, but westbrook and Durant have played many OT games so far this season and they were both in the world championships, I wont say that I project they will break down, but it certainly is tough to play 40+ minutes often. Orlando does not have enough chemistry to tinker with their lineups in that way. The point is, no one knows which teams will play well at the end, but its likely the nuggets will be peaking along with some of the other strong teams in the NBA.

And what could it mean for the nuggets to be finishing strong towards the end of the season? Imagine we continue to move up in the standings to the 3 seed or higher. What if in the first round we play the mavs and dispose of them because they are full of 34 year old foreign players who cannot match up athletically with us. And then what if in the 2nd round we upset a lakers squad who has been pushed to 7 games by a team like the hornets. And then what if in the 3 round we play OKC who has miraculously defeated the spurs and of course beat them. Or even bring the spurs on, f### it.

Then the nuggets defeat all those teams then we make it to the title! Then melo decides that our team has showed him enough to sign a contract extention! The owners and players cant some to a resolution and Carmelo figures he cannot afford to wait, and he just takes the highest bidding, best roster situation for himself and stays on the nuggets. Then Kmarts contract comes off the books and we sign a 4 such as david west. and we play Chauncey afflalo melo david west and nene with Harrington JR and Ty coming off the bench.

And the nuggets dominate, and the nuggets dominate! You could call this unlikely, I would call it possible. Could it be, the future has not been written yet, that’s why they play the games!! (unfortunately the refs also factor into the games and that’s where it gets dicey, tough to play 8 on 5)

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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