The media and their “sources” whipped the nuggets fans into a frenzy. Some facts: Carmelo never stated he wanted to be traded. Melo still has 2 years remaining on his contract, the choice is to opt out of 18.5 mil. New York is a more appealing environment than denver, it is what it is. However melo has enough money that he could go to new York on a flight whenever he wants pretty much. Melo has steadfastly said  HE IS COMMITTED to playing for the nuggets NOW yet people want to IGNORE HIS QUOTES and listen to internet rumors propagated by biased and not credible espn media writers.

there is no single moment that has ever occured in the future, everything happens in the now, and presently melo is on the nuggets and i love him because of that.

Its ridiculous we win a game over the heat by 30 and Kenny smith and webber says that’s not big deal (it not like that was not their worst loss of the season and dwade has never won a game in denver) but they congralate the bulls beating them by 4 points.  Carmelo is a stud. He is 10-1 against Durant. He owns the mavs. He hits game winning shots. What more do you want, I want him to commit for more years, that sounds petty doesn’t it. WHERE are the local denver writers to mention all these facts? Where is the front office to mention these facts, George karl does. They should hold a press conference like prokorov did and state CARMELO ANTHONY IS NOT ON THE TRADING BLOCK. If hes going to scored 35 points and hit game winners and just generally be a baller its going to be for the denver nuggets in 2011. After that we will see what happens. We are not Cleveland or Toronto, our team will survive.

The nuggets are a good team. We have not lost 4 games in a row in 3 season. We have qualified for the playoffs every season melo has been here, so booing him is bull. We are ony 3 games out of 3rd place in the west standings. We are amazing at the pepsi center. Last season at this point 1/20/10 we have an almost identical record and the rhetoric was that this team could compete for the NBA championship.  Now the rhetoric is that this team is nothing, has everyone forgotten all the tough situations we have been put in. our team is meant to win now. I would rather win 1 season than deal with our team being potentially good in a few season. Do you know what potential gets you? The 76ers and wizards and kings have potential. The nuggets are loads better than all those teams.

Lebron james is the king of the regular season. He is a frontrunner. They build up wins vs teams like the pistons, cavalers, Toronto, charlotte, because they get the chance to play all the crappy east conference teams 4 times per year. If the nuggets played all those teams we would get 60 wins also. The 7th place team in the east is 7 games below 500, think about that. The clippers, golden state, phoenix, Memphis, even minnesota those teams are good. They have game changing players who can score 40 and styles of play that are challenging to defend and could beat you. New jersey milwakee the pacers Washington wizards, these teams are garbage. The best player is probly Brandon Jennings, who wouldn’t even start for the nuggets.

People need to start changing the rhetoric. Talk about how the nuggets have a chance to win this year. The lost to the jazz was a fluke last season. If we make some noise in the playoffs melo will re-sign with the nuggets and we will win a championship. There is too much talent here. When George karl makes the comment that our bench plays better than our starters [at home], that goes to show how great this team is. Look at players such as Nene, billups, martin, melo-they are top 6 picks in the NBA draft. Ty Lawson, Afflalo, Harrington and JR smith could be a game changer in any game, they have all shown they can score 30+ in a game. We even have energy players such as forbes, birdman, balkman (never understand why he don’t play more)

Melo did not get traded because he was able to ask himself “why?” as in wtf would I want to play on new jersey. Why would I what to leave this nuggets roster. Please just start respecting Carmelo, stop booing him, cheer for him because hes on the nuggets now. he has done so much for us and city of denver and we just forget about the past 7 seasons and forget about the previous 10 seasons before that. George karl my advice is call more timeouts to control momentum, a la greg popovich. Besides that I credit stan kronke and nuggets management on accumulating such a great team.

We have had some hard luck, but its like a mob mentality of wanting to trade Carmelo. If you think about it logically “ would you want to trade Carmelo Anthony” the answer is no. who are you going to get for him that is as good as him. Their not looking to trade chris paul or Dwight howard why would we be looking to move melo. You see what happened when the broncos traded away all their best players: worst record in team history.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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