Point/Counterpoint – Now a more "Pro-Stan" article from Mark Kiszla

Far be it to only communicate a single point of view, here is a link to Mark Kiszla’s latest column where he points out that Stan Kroenke is the ultimate power, judge and jury behind the completion of Melo’s trade…


Fair points though I must strongly disagree on one point.


“Kroenke has pumped so much money into the Nuggets, paying the luxury tax and forgoing profits in the pursuit of the one championship he would most cherish, that he has told folks that this NBA team has been his own private charity case.”


It is true that Kroenke has pumped a lot of money into the Nuggets; however Kroenke did not spend smartly or responsibly; and at the first sign of trouble he would consistently make the Nuggets faithful suffer.


It is not true that he has dedicated himself towards the “championship he would most cherish”. You can’t be committed to winning a title while at the same time ordering your front office to cut cut cut costs. It’s one or the other; you can’t have it both ways.


Kroenke can be as mad and hurt as he wants towards Melo; but a little perspective is in order. Has the Nuggets ever during Melo’s term gone all out to build a winner? The answer is no. There were a number of half measures but always the team stopped short because it didn’t want to spend more.


Phase 1 Pro: Draft Melo, sign Andre Miller & Earl Boykins, kept Camby. Con: did not acquire a SG


Phase 2 Pro: sign Kmart. Con: did not acquire a SG


Phase 3 Pro: Traded for Iverson. Con: made no other move of consequence to improve the team


Phase 4 Pro: Traded for Billups, sign Dahntay Jones, Chris Anderson. Con: let Camby go, bought out McDyess, made no other move of consequence to improve the team.


For too many years, Nuggets fans have had to watch an expensive but inferior product while injury exceptions went unused, $16-20mm worth of trade exceptions allowed to expire, draft depth ignored and salaries cut in order to save money. The Nuggets employed a physically (and mentally) fragile roster. The fans had to watch a team who had up to 40% of their high end roster constantly out injured while the team did nothing about it.


Kroenke’s actions more reflect the spoiled child having a tantrum and threatening to take his toys and go home because everyone did not play the game exclusively by his rules.


Kroenke may not feel he owes an explanation to myself or others or to take any accountability. But in turn Kroenke does not deserve my respect which he frankly could care less about.


But more importantly Kroenke does not deserve my money; no money for nachos, no money for hot dogs, no money for beer or soda, no money for parking and no money for tickets to watch his folly.


Again please tell me, how is it that that this whole travesty is Melo’s fault?

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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