"Where the billionaire owner runs a franchise like one of his Wal-Mart stores..."


Thank you Adrian Wojnarowski for publishing nationally what I have been saying for over a year. If you have not read it, check out the following Yahoo Sports article...

In short, the article identifies many of the agendas, villains and dealings that fans and the local press often times refuse to acknowledge or talk about. The biased fan will disparage the article and accuse Wojnarowski of negative bias; but when taking off the rainbow-colored glasses and look objectively you will see the reality.

Quotes of note include...

"The commissioner, the owner, the agents, they’re running one big hustle on Carmelo Anthony. Together, they’ve thrust him into a circumstance where the Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets are holding hostage basketball seasons, and everything’s playing out to turn a popular NBA star into a villain."

"Stan Kroenke has invested hundreds of millions into the Nuggets, and he fired a past executive of the year – Mark Warkentien – so he could have his 30-year-old son, Josh, and a former international scout, Masai Ujiri, make the trade of his franchise star."

"Mostly, it’s confirmed the reasons Anthony wants out: The Nuggets are far more farce than they are formidable."

"Anthony likes those fans, that city, and he hates that it had to play out this way. Only, he has no choice. ‘Melo lived through the dysfunction and ethical nightmares of Bret Bearup as a force in the Nuggets’ front office, and he watched Warkentien have his contract expire and let go without legitimate reason."

"Kroenke loves the hard salary cap and is pushing hard to see it implemented in the NBA."

"The consequences of these trade talks dragging on and on have destroyed two seasons – the Nuggets and the Nets. They’ve insulted paying customers in Colorado and New Jersey, and left Anthony at the mercy of his most dubious decision of all: Hiring Leon Rose and William Wesley of CAA to represent him."

"there’s a growing tension within Anthony’s camp over the agendas of the agents."

"Rose – not anyone else – constructed the idea to send Hamilton to the Nets. How this all benefits Anthony remains a mystery."

"After they deliver New Orleans’ Chris Paul to the Nets – which could be impossible with Richard Hamilton’s contract clogging the salary cap – Wesley will have what he wants: a franchise to call his own"

"Anthony keeps hearing Ujiri and his agents tell him: The Knicks don’t have a deal for you. The Knicks aren’t trying that hard (which isn’t true)"

 "In every way, Anthony is a pawn in a bigger game. He’ll be blamed as the reason basketball seasons in Denver and New Jersey have collapsed under the weight of his trade talks. Only, he has no choice. This is his free agency now, and he’s trapped from above with the agendas of David Stern and Stan Kroenke, and those below with Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes. In the end, they’ll get everything they want out of this lost season."

 "And ‘Melo, he’ll probably end up in Jersey."

 Biased? Yes. A non-positive spin? Absolutely. Likely true? Sadly Yes.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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