What do you actually want? (no trades please)

Simple question.

These random trade proposals as if we are all GM's are making my eyes bleed. I maintain if we were GM's here at Denver Stiffs the Nuggets would suck-diddily-uck and Rocky would once again be the only reason to go to Pepsi Center.Of course we can't do any worse than Bernie Bickerstaff did....but that's another story.

So I'm going to ask a series of questions in hopes of clarifying what we as individual fans would like to see the Nuggets do. I will give my answers after each question. I'm not asking people to be practical....I want you to answer, as a fan, what you'd like to see happen.


1. Do you want to see Melo traded? If so, what are the reasons?

My Answer: Hell no! Absolutely way. No one wants their star player and savior of the franchise to be sent packing. Sometimes its necessary though, I understand that as a fan. Doesn't mean I want it....doesn't mean I have to be level-headed about it. Truth is..... the prospect of life without Melo frightens the heck out of me. The 90's were an incredibly difficult time to be a Nuggets fan. It's hard to start a season with no hope....and that happened waaaaaay too often.


2. If Melo is traded what course would you like the Nuggets to take?

My Answer: This is a very difficult question for me. The pragmatic side of me says if Melo is gone, blow up the team. Then there's people like Mark Kiszla who think the Nuggets can win now without Melo. The visceral side of me wants desperately to believe this....but blowing up the team and a long painful rebuilding process may be in our future. If this is the case, then whatever makes this process as quick as possible is preferable. My own opinion is the Nuggets should get some young players who's "tangible" upside evident. I don't know if this franchise can afford a wing and a prayer


3. If Melo stays what course would you like the Nuggets to take?

My gut feeling is if Melo stays, he's been guaranteed that we will get a true big man. That will mean a trade deadline deal of some sort. One true big man is an absolute must. Then we must actually draft some players next year. Practical moves can be made, they just need to be smart. The other side of the CBA may change alot of things. Lets hope the Nuggets have what it takes, if Melo stays, to be competitive going forward.


4. Regardless of how this turns out....has your view of media changed for the better or worse?

I've never, ever, been as ashamed of the Media as I have been during this whole Melo debacle. If Keith Olbermann was doing a "Worst Person in the World" segment about this whole Melo thing I'm sure it would include Ric Bucher, Marc Spears, and unfortunately Adrian Wojnarowski. There are many more culprits. The "sourcing" for many of these has been suspect, if not downright false. Stories planted by interests with Carmelo, the Nuggets, other NBA teams....and rumor mongers on the east coast, has set journalism back a decade. People are being led around by the nose and we have no idea what's true or not. It's getting asinine. We have our own "beat" reporters from the Post just reacting to stories, loaded with anonymous sources, and not doing any actual reporting. It's dismaying to see this, and the people who get caught up in the middle are fans like you and me. It sucks and lately, THEY have sucked.


Go ahead and answer these question as best you can. Just think about what you actually want. as a fan. Take off the GM hat and ask yourself what you'd like to see.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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