Recapping a crappy off-season

Well, Training Camp is lurking. Aren't we excited? Do we have anything to look forward to? Sure. It's not much, but it's there. 

Here's your recap:

Chris Andersen and Kenyon Martin have surgery:

Oh boy, who saw this coming? During the season we were joking around, saying that Birdman was going to have surgery when the season ended. Sure enough, Andersen goes under the knife to repair the knee that crippled him all year long. A month or so later, he's back in the operating room, this time to fix the left hand that made it almost impossible to catch a damn pass. Nobody knows when he'll be returning. Every article I have read have been flip-flopping his return date. Well, only Andersen knows when he'll be ready, and he'll help us all out by not rushing back. I couldn't  tell you how irritating it was to see him play with a cast on his hand, limping around the court, trying to do, well, anything. 

During the season, injury prone Kenyon Martin's left knee decided to call it quits. Considering his "lovely" resume of surgeries, don't expect him to be back anytime soon. It's not really age that's going to slow down the healing process, it's the fact that once you hurt the same part of your body once, it takes longer to heal a second or third time. 

Denver Nuggets draft:

Wait, we weren't in the draft this year. Sorry, I forgot. While the draft was on ESPN, the words "Denver Nuggets" was almost non-existent. We saw our division rivals get their jobs done. What did we do? Nothing.

NBA Free Agency:

Alright, the good thing is, we signed Al Harrington and Shelden Williams. However, we lost our only seven-footer in Johan Petro to the Nets, we lost Joey Graham to the Cavaliers and Malik Allen, aka "Tacos," recently signed with the Magic.  

The trade rumors:

God, I hate the media. Annoying little.... Well, anyways, in case you haven't noticed there has been talk going around involving a few of our players: K-Mart, J.R. Smith, Ty Lawson, Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony.

Everybody thought the Nuggets were going to trade Lawson for a top 10 draft pick this year, but it didn't happen (thankfully). The two main guys I see getting traded are Martin and Smith.

Martin has been a great asset on defense. He has been able to score when he had to. He rebounds better than anybody else on the team. The sad thing is that he can't stay healthy. It seems like he gets seriously injured every year, and it sucks.

J.R. Smith's time in Denver has been nothing but chaotic. He's very inconsistent, normally ignores the coaching staff, and he can't stay out of trouble when he's not playing on the court. Don't get me wrong here, he's done good things here as well. When his game is on, he's able to go for 40 points in one game. His defense can be pretty good. The guy has the capability to be a great shooting guard in the NBA, his immaturity just gets in the way.

The Carmelo Anthony saga:

I have to tip my hat to LeBron James. His stupidity and selfishness just showed the elite players that you can say or do whatever you want. Amar'e Stoudemire started the Carmelo talk by saying that either Tony Parker, Chris Paul or Anthony were going to join him in New York. 

Then, CP3 apparently made a toast at Anthony's wedding, saying that they're planning on joining the Knicks. 

After that, you have the media going on a frenzy about it. Chicago Bulls , Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ersNew Orleans Hornets, New Jersey Nets and the Orlando Magic have all been rumored to be interested in the small forward. Is it true? According to Carmelo's wife, LaLa, it's not. 

So what should we believe? The fans of the Nuggets, the team Carmelo actually plays for?! We don't want to see the face of the franchise go play for somewhere else. With the new collective bargaining agreement coming out, it wouldn't make sense for 'Melo to leave financially. 

Mark Warkentien and Rex Chapman don't get re-signed; Nuggets sign Masai Ujiri as General Manager:

As disappointed as I was, I'm not surprised this happened. Not being able to get into the draft probably pissed the owner off. Not being able to get Carmelo Anthony to sign an extension he can sign anytime within the next year didn't help. Not landing a primary center to help the team didn't do much. 

So, what can Masai do for the Nuggets that Mark and Rex couldn't do? Can he really make Denver a contender? Can he get Anthony to re-sign? I don't really know much, but I can say that he deserves a chance. Who knows?


Well, that pretty much sums it up. Here's hoping training camp goes well and the Denver Nuggets have another strong season!

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