2 trades if I were GM


I figured I'd get in on the trade speculation fun.  I posted this scenario in a couple threads, but I think it's worthy of a few more views so I decided to make a Fanpost.   I think these are reasonable trades that make us an even stronger team despite the loss of Melo.  We’ll see if you all agree.

Trade 1: JR/K-mart + 2011 1st rounder for Iguodala/Brand

Trade 2: Carmelo for  Kaman/Aminu + Minnesota's unprotected 2012 pick

Resulting lineup:

PG: Billups/Lawson

SG: Iguodala/AAA

SF: Harrington/Aminu

PF: Nene/Brand

C:   Kaman/Bird


The payroll would certainly be high and we would be potentially mortgaging any future financial flexibility.  But given Minny’s 2012 unprotected pick will likely be top 5 and potentially top 3, we have hope for the future if we can land another superstar player on a rookie contract.  Given the contract situations ,we do have trade options if the Kroenkes decide they want to cut payroll.  Kaman’s contract becomes an expiring next year and Brand’s contract will also become a big Kmart- like expiring in 2 years. 


Iguodala has been underappreciated in Phily and can fill the star role on our team.  He replaces the majority of the offense we lose by Melo’s departure while providing greatly improved defense and passing with comparable rebounding despite being a SG.  With Iggy, Chauncey, and Harrington to pair with Nene, Brand and Kaman we should have an elite combination of perimeter and post scoring.


Our biggest weaknesses have always been defense and rebounding.  This lineup is certainly an improvement in this area over what we currently field.  While Billups and Lawson are both limited defensively, this lineup will improve our perimeter defense significantly given Iguodala and AAA can both be considered lock down defenders.  Aminu is an interesting prospect and despite being limited offensively is an athletic defender and a good rebounder.  A 4 big man rotation of Nene, Brand, Kaman and Bird would have to be one of the best rotations in the league both offensively and defensively.  Not to mention both Harrington and Aminu can be rotated into the 4 spot. 


The versatility on offense and defense is why I like this lineup so much.  We would have so much size and so many different strengths I think we could be unstoppable.  Not to mention we rid ourselves completely of all the headcases on our team (except Balkman).  To me this is an absolute dream scenario, although I don’t think it’s too far–fetched as long as Stan Jr. ponies up the cash.  I think JR and K-mart need to go and Melo has not given any indication he wants to stay.  If we fielded this lineup we would certainly be top 3 seed in the West and with a potential top 3 pick in 2012 our future would be very bright despite losing Melo.


Feel free to leave your thoughts.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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