Another Trade Idea

Now I know I had a fanpost pretty much saying the same thing a couple of weeks ago and Nz Nuggets wrote one today/yesterday,  but I really think this deal could happen at the deadline (or around December).

Btw this is probably more of a deadline deal.


Denver Trades: Kenyon Martin, JR Smith and 2 firsts

Denver Receives: Andris Biedrins, Andre Igoudala and Willie Green (filler)


GSW Trades: Andris Biedrins

GSW Receives: JR Smith and Denver First (the later of the two)


Philadelphia Trades: Andre Igoudala, Willie Green

Philadelphia Receives: Kenyon Martin and a first



Denver: By far get the best end of the deal, the Nuggets fill two major holes (2nd scoring option and big man). Biedrins is a great fit next to Nene and would start at center (moving Nene to PF) and Iggy would start at SG. Iggy provides another playmaker and can do a little bit of everything, which is perfect for the Nuggets. The only downside is Denver takes back a lot of long term money, but they do get younger and fill holes, so it's obviously worth it. This trade moves Denver into contention for the first seed in the west and would make Melo re-sign.


Golden State: Essentially a salaary dump, but JR would fit in perfectly with Nellie's system and would add a shooter next to Lee and Curry. GSW really isn't going anywhere this season, so they'd be better of giving minutes to Lee, Udoh and Wright. This move should be followed up by signing Admunson and/or Barron to add more size temporarily. The future first and cap space next year from Denver helps GSW rebuild faster and better. With one good signing next summer (like Butler or Perkins or Horford or Gasol), the Warriors would be back in the playoff picture for sure.


Philadelphia: They pretty much hand over the reigns of the franchise to Evan Turner. IMO Turner and Iggy are way too incompatible to be your two best players and succeed. Kenyon could help Philly's lack of size too. Obviously giving up a good player like Andre would be a big shot in the arm, but like GSW, the team can't make the playoffs this year and really needs to start over around Turner. 


Now before going crazy about how Denver gets away with armed robbery, think about how all these good overpaid players get dumped for expirings. It would be just like when Dallas got Haywood and Butler from Washington for Howard's expiring contracts and Gooden (except Iggy and Biedrins have MUCH worse contracts). 



Btw I posted this on two forums to see non-Nugget fans' opinions.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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