Do Nothing Part 2......Reality

While we as Nuggets fans obsess over completely irrational trade proposals for Carmelo, let me delve in to why....the Nuggets have reason to believe they will be damn good next year WITH Carmelo.


Over and over it's been pointed out by the Nuggets FO that they did, indeed, win 53 games last year. If George Karl doesn't go down I'm convinced the Nuggets would have won 56 or 57 games. Remember they lost several close games down the stretch (one in New York that still burns me when I think about it) without GK. Dantley was COMPLETELY unprepared to lead a team with egos (Melo, Chauncey, Kmart) and knuckleheads (JR) all of which George Karl perfected.

From everything I've been told and have read, the Nuggets are VERY high on Al Harrington. In fact, all of them were surprised about his enthusiasm and willingness to focus on Defense. Couple that with his offense and you get a potentially deadly weapon along side Melo. With that scoring burden relieved from Carmelo we will have a more deadly offense in the "random" set.

People think the injuries to Kenyon and Bird will be crippling. Two things:

1. We had half a bird ALL of last year, and the Nuggets were still 20 over .500 when George Karl announced his illness. Andersen is kind of like an additive you put in your high performing engine to make it even more high performing. He's great for the home crowd....provides energy...but is not "essential" to the Nuggets overall engine.

2. When Kenyon comes back there's no guarantee that he will be healthy enough to perform at the level he was prior to his knee giving out again. He provided great 1 on 1 defense but wasn't great on team defense. While he is out the Nuggets need to come together as a team...and do just enough D to give the team a chance.

Also, we have another year of Ty....and if the Nuggets stop switching off all the time, we can exploit Ty's presence and capitalize on his skill set.

Let us also consider this. What if by the Trade deadline the Nuggets are going great guns? Why trade Melo? The Nuggets are a better team than Cleveland was, and the freaking out that people are doing is kinda strange. What I've seen come together is the people who hate Melo, and the ones who don't want him to leave. An awkward alliance of fear.

Let me ask everyone out there in Nuggetsville.....what's to fear? To the people who dislike Melo anyway....why trade someone you cant stand for a hill of beans and some lawn clippings? If you think Melo isn't that great then losing him is no big loss right? To the people (like me) who are fearful of life without Melo I have this to say. Any analogy to Dikembe Mutumbo ends with their salary. Bickerstaff gambled in letting Mutumbo walk away because he thought the roster would stay healthy. Soon the entire roster broke down. Dale Ellis flaked out, Laphonso Ellis' injuries destroyed his would be another two years till Antonio McDyess. Plus, Mutumbo's salary didn't get the Nuggets enough space to pursue other valuable free agents. If Melo leaves we have Kmart and Jr's expiring well as potential deals or renegotiation's with Chauncey. The Nuggets aren't in horrible shape.

If Melo walks, he walks. The hand wringing and the demanding he be traded to squelch anxiety is ridiculous. Getting picks in return is silly. Other than Ty and often has this organization had a GOOD draft? 4 times in 20 years? That's pretty bad.This team is pretty damn good. I'm constantly amused at how we buy in to the crap that's coming out of NY and just assume that our team is a bunch of stitched together rag dolls who serve as a minor league for the "real" teams in the east. STOP WITH THIS!

I have every confidence that this roster, as constructed can get us to the trade deadline in pretty good shape. Then a couple deals can be made at the deadline to make the team better with Kmart and Jr's contracts.Lets pull our heads out of our asses here.


Next article:

Watch me bitch slap the New York based media for starting false rumors and in general being lackwits.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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