Why all the "Melo for a bag of chips" trade ideas are a crock of sh*t

Lately us stiffs have been flooded with members of the Nets, Clippers and other team's fanbases coming here to tell us what they think melo is worth.  Quite frankly, these people dont know what they are talking about.  They are just irrational homers.  I am going to compare melo trade ideas to both of the trades that completed Boston's Big three.

First we have the Ray Allen trade.  

Seattle traded:  Ray Allen, Rights to Big Baby the 35th pick

Boston traded:  Wally Szczerbiak, Delonte West, Rights to Jeff Green the 5th pick, future 2nd round pick.  


So Boston traded the fifth pick, a future 2nd, a shorter contract and a prospect for a thirty-three year old player coming off ankle surgery and a 2nd round pick.  In 06-07 Allen led his team to a grand total of 31 wins.  In fairness, Allen only played in 55 of those games.  He averaged a career high 26ppg, to go along with 4.5 boards, 4.1 assists and 1.5 pilfers.  



Now for the Garnett trade.

Minnesota traded:  Kevin Garnett

Boston traded:  Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair and 2 first round picks.


So Boston traded a proven 21 year old big averaging a double double, a solid player in Gomes, Green and Telfair for Kevin Garnett who was a 12 year veteran at the time.  On top of all of this, they also traded two first round picks.  Garnett was coming off of an impressive season where he posted averages of 22.4ppg, 12.8rpg, 4 assists, 1.7 blocks and 1.1 steals.  Kevin Garnett's contract situation was almost exactly like melo's, he had a player option and threatened to test his options in free agency.


We all know what Boston did that season.  They won the championship, with Rondo and Perkins as two of the starters.  At the time, these two young players were question marks, bench players who many believed to be the weak link of the team.


Say the nets wanted to trade for melo, and they put a real offer on the table, not this "here is a bag of cheetos" shit.


Lets say they offer

Derrick Favors

Troy Murphy

Damion James

Golden State's 1st rounder

Their own 1st rounder.


Now to compare this to the boston trades.  Derrick Favors is like Jeff Green in that he has never played a NBA game, but is a player with high potential.  Troy murphy is like Wally or Theo Ratliff in that he has a large expiring contract. Damion James is like Delonte West or Ryan Gomes.  The two 1sts in this trade are like the two firsts in the Garnett trade.  This trade is somewhere in between the Ray Allen trade and the Garnett Trade, but closer to the Garnett deal.  No, Melo isnt a former MVP like Garnett, but he is only 26, and a really good player, which is why he will demand at least as much as the above trade.  Also, with the recent report that NJ is offering Harris, Favors and picks, I do not see how this is really any different.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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