i dont think melo was hacked, and i do think he wants kat stacks smacked.


this whole deal has really stuck in my craw. if you choose to continue reading, be prepared, this a looooong post.   

right off the bat, i want to say that i dont have any red-handed evidence that melo did tweet that hit on kat stacks...yet.  however, i have also yet to see even the slightest PROOF that he DID NOT tweet that hit. 

allow me to recap the situation...


melo is an nba player that most of you are probably familiar with. 

lala is his new wife and mother of his child (children?).  dont refer to her as yoko.  the stiffs will lose their gotdang mind. 

kat stacks is an infamous groupie who goes out of her way to get rappers and athletes into hairy situations and then blasts their transgressions as publicly as possible.  recently she partied with soulja boy and taped what may or may not have been a bunch of blow in his hotel room and released the tape:

needless to say, kat stacks has made plenty of enemies.  this video is of her getting slapped around in a bar by some dudes.  its been rumored that it could be the crew of either fabolus or bow wow carrying out the assault.  its grainy, shitty footage, but be forwarned, it’s graphic (imo): 

a few other notes on kat stacks since she isn’t very well known.  she has over 114,000 followers on twitter (horrible reflection on our society).  she uses the n-bomb ALL THE TIME even though shes white.  she has her name on the cover of this months XXL and she gets a feature story that includes an interview ( 

kat stacks has truly made name for herself just by being a skank.  ONLY IN AMERICA!!  what a country.


a twitter dust up between the three parties above. 

a paraphrase of the twitter conversation:

kat stacks to melo: do you taste like caramel?

melo to kat stacks: naw I taste like death.

kat stacks to melo: ill die for your sexy ass.

lala to kat stacks: come get these bird seeds I left for you…I aint the one…im only gonna tell you one time.

kat stacks to lala: here comes the insecure jealous wife mad cuz she is home alone while her husband is sharing dick in china.

kat stacks to lala: which one of my groupie friends is at lala husbands hotel room bending over for carmelo?

melo to kat stacks: i got 5K for whoever see kat stacks and slap the shit out of her pigeon face azz.  Real talk.  You fucked with the right one now.

melo to potential slappers: when you do it record it and send it to me with name and address.  Real talk. http://  (the link is posted from melos verified yfrog account and shows a stack of benjis)

im having a really hard time finding screen shots of the entire conversation, but these links cover most of them and definitely has the most incriminating ones: &


early saturday morning starting at 300am.  from what i gather most of this conversation happened over about 15 minutes.  however, lala did have one late tweet that came around an hour and a half after the initial conversation started.  that tweet said melo was “on a twitter roll…LOL”.


the internets of course!  although i believe melo was in china at the time while the ladies were tweeting stateside.


God only knows.

in conclusion, heres why i think this was tweeted by melo, lala, and kat stacks and not some hacker, lala and kat stacks.  for starters neither lala or kat stacks are claiming a hack on their account.  so they both confirm they were involved.  melos account is the only one in question.  just 5 minutes after melo tweets about someone recording the slap and sending it to him, he then tweets “lght (let god handle that) let me get back to my fans.  Where were we? I lost my cool for a min. Sorry bout that. Anyway whats good” ( is that something a hacker would type? or does that sound like melo realizing he may have fucked up and begins backtracking?  i say the latter. 

second, all melos tweets say they came from an iphone (as seen in all the screen shots linked above).  melo is not claiming someone took his phone and tweeted (as happened with ty Lawson last year).  so, was someone able to hack into melos twitter account AND make it appear as if the tweets came from melos iphone?  that sounds pretty unlikely to me.  but im no hacker, so i dont know for sure. 

third, lala posts one more tweet about one hour after her initial post to kat stacks.  in it she says, “OK my husband is on a twitter roll right now…LOL”  (  obviously lala assumed it was really melo tweeting and not a hacker.  i would even suspect (i have no proof, of course) that in the hour that passed between lalas first and second (final) tweets, she would have had direct contact with melo (call or text) to discuss this twitter trouble.  if melos account had been hacked, he would have said “what chu talking bout lala? i aint tweetin with no kat stacks.” and immediately lala would have tweeted it was hacker messing with melos account as opposed to tweeting her husband is “on a twitter roll.”  at a minimum, lalas comment of melo being on a “twitter roll” shows she has no problems with her husband putting out $5k to get some groupie smacked…not that i blame her.

of course i could be, and most likely am, wrong about this situation.  however, kat stacks has mentioned several times that she is going to pursue this in court and tweeted  yesterday that she is scheduled to meet with her lawyer to begin planning a case.  she has also been campaigning that melo is promoting violence against women.  not a good look for a soon-to-be free agent.  if melos account was in fact hacked, i think twitter should be able provide evidence of that very easily.  case closed.  but if that evidence doesn’t come forth, and this even makes it to trial, it could be bad news for melo.  regardless of the verdict, this looks horrible for his brand.  and keeping your brand shiny seems to be the primary concern of the top NBA players today. 

if ive overlooked any details, please post them.  ive been scouring the twitter world and its mainly just garbage so i could have missed something. 

and if you didn’t think your fellow stiff calvin was crazy before this post, im sure you do now.  and just wait until you see my upcoming post on what i think jr did in dallas on the grassy knoll back in 1963.


Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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