The Non-Sarcastic, Carmelo is the Savior of this Franchise Open Letter

After one of the main writers of this blog wrote a sarcastic plea for Carmelo to stay, which was later linked by Carmelo on his Twitter account, it's time to set things straight between Nuggets fandom and Carmelo Anthony.


For a few weeks now you've had an attractive 3 year, 65 million dollar contract on the table.  In that time you have been wisely mulling over the contract.  I certainly don't blame you.  65 million dollars is a lot of money (more than I'll ever see), but do you want to be remembered as another guy that made a lot of money in the NBA or a player that played a huge role winning multiple championships (while making a lot of money in the L)?  In other words, all  you want is to see a commitment from the Nuggets owners and front office that they're going to build a winner.  Nuggets fans want the exact same thing.  

For two years we have all been stating the obvious: we need another big man. Everyone seems to know it except the front office. Meanwhile, the same front office has shown no inclination towards spending some money to put the Nuggets over the top.  Just two seasons ago the Nuggets almost made it to the finals.  By adding one significant piece, that achievement can be reached. However, while you are waiting for the front office to make that commitment, and while we are waiting for you to sign that contract, I'd like for you to consider the following:

The Nuggets were a dismal team before you came along.  The years before you came were so bad (including a 17 win season that got us you with the third pick) that I stopped watching the NBA entirely.  When you were selected by the Nuggets, I immediately tuned back into basketball because I realized that we finally had a player that was going to bring us to prominence.  You have not disappointed.  At the time there was no one I would've rather had: not Lebron, not Darko (thank god the Pistons drafted him), not Bosh, not Wade.  7 years later and I still say the same thing, and I know many Nuggets fans agree.  You are Nuggets basketball: you're slept on, vilified without real reason, often disrespected by the L and gritty instead of flashy.  

In those 7 years (and 7 straight playoff appearances, one of the longest streaks in the NBA (and something that Bosh, Wade and James didn't do), Nuggets fans have watched you grow into the man you are and become the face and leader of the franchise.  You score easier than anyone else in the NBA (and imagine if the refs actually showed you love and blew the whistle as often as they should be), you rebound when we need you to, and have shown the ability to be a solid player-maker and a lockdown defender (I saw you on Kobe in the WCF and against LeBron last regular season).  Let's not forget that there's no one in the NBA I would rather have shooting the last shot in the game.  You have been a model to the community as a person that is a man, not some type of unattainable model, but a man.  Mistakes have happened along the way (who can't say the same about their own lives?), but many of us have supported you every step of the way, even when it seemed like we weren't.  You owe us nothing of course, but all we're asking is that once you get the commitment from the front office, you re-up with us.  The Nuggets have some good young pieces (Ty, Afflalo) to grow with you, and the team's about to have a ton of cap space after this season.  We can all get what we want: you can win championships while in Denver.

In the end, you have to do what is best for you and your family (congrats to you and LaLa by the way; there are Nuggets fans that are happy for both you and her),but know that there are Nuggets fans that recognize that you saved this franchise and if you leave we will likely return to mediocrity.  Finally, know that there are Nuggets fans that will support you no matter what, but would rather have you in a Nuggets jersey while they do it.  


Nuggets fans

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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