The Rotation: 2010-2011

As of 8/20/2010, this is the roster we're looking at for our Nuggets during the 2010-2011 season:

Nuggets Roster

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6 Arron Afflalo G 6-5 215 10/15/1985   UCLA 3
11 Chris Andersen F-C 6-10 228 07/07/1978   Blinn Junior College (TX) 8
15 Carmelo Anthony F 6-8 230 05/29/1984   Syracuse 7
32 Renaldo Balkman F 6-8 208 07/14/1984   South Carolina 4
1 Chauncey Billups G 6-3 202 09/25/1976   Colorado 13
25 Anthony Carter G 6-2 195 06/16/1975   Hawaii 11
Al Harrington F 6-9 250 02/17/1980   St. Patrick's HS (Elizabeth, NJ) 12
3 Ty Lawson G 5-11 195 11/03/1987   North Carolina 1
4 Kenyon Martin F 6-9 240 12/30/1977   Cincinnati 10
31 Nenê C-F 6-11 250 09/13/1982   Sao Carlos, Brazil 8
5 J.R. Smith G 6-6 220 09/09/1985   St. Benedict's Prep (Newark, NJ) 6
Shelden Williams F 6-9 250 10/21/1983   Duke 4

Here is what I believe our rotation to be:

First Unit (assuming no Kenyon, or Bird)

PG: Chauncey Billups / Ty Lawson / Anthony Carter

SG: Arron Afflalo / JR Smith / Chauncey Billups

SF: Carmelo Anthony / Al Harrington / Renaldo Balkman

PF: Al Harrington (Kenyon Martin) /  (Chris Andersen) / Shelden Williams

C: Nene / (Chris Andersen) / Shelden Williams

Obviously, things are quite up in the air with regard to Kenyon's and Bird's rehab to this point in time, BUT I believe that they will be ready for the season.  The biggest question WHEN Kenyon plays (and he will play) is if he'll come off the bench or start for Denver.  I personally believe that he will still start over Harrington when healthy.  We will have a short bench in Shelden Williams for a while but I think we'll be able to get through it.

Harrington's acquisition allows the Nuggets a great deal of flexibility in their lineups, because no longer is the pressure of providing all the bench scoring on JR Smith.  Ty Lawson can provide some important points, JR can still do his thing, except now Harrington can be rotated with the second unit to provide additional firepower while Melo, Nene and Chauncey rest as needed.

I know right now there are still many questions over whether or not Melo will be here, Kenyon will be ready, or Birdman will be ready, but I think that you can't dwell too long on the maybes and have to focus on what we do know.  I think the lineup as presently constructed is at least as good as the other West lineups (save the Lakers) and should be competitive throughout the season.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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