F*** It. Denver rocks! and other ramblings...



Reading about Kyle Orton (and his wife!) being so excited and grateful for just a 1 year extension got me thinking.  Denver is a helluva a city.  We have great views, awesome mountains, the most microbreweries in the country (Hell yeah!) and some of the most passionate sport fans in the country.


Kyle Orton got a meager contract relative to his importance to the team.  Shit that bum Chris Simms made almost 3 times as much as Orton last year and we saw what he did for us. If Brady Quinn was starting this year for the Broncos, they would end up 3-13 with a bunch of fans wanting Josh McDaniels' head.  Kyle gives us hope that this year will be successful and end the Broncos' 4 year playoff drought and bring back the excellence to Mile High Stadium.

Kyle's excitement caught me off guard, at face value that extension seems measly for his importance.  But the Broncos' has shown they're confident in him and he's important to the franchise.

Comparing this to the Carmelo's Anthony's extension dilemma is literally night and day.  I understand what's waiting for Melo in New York City: fame, bigger endorsement deals, more media coverage and of course the bright lights.  Us Denver Nuggets fans have been appreciative of his effort here and the NBA recognition he's brought to Colorado, we even have a little mini-cult thing going on here (Quitter's people united!) 

We have all discussed how if you're Melo and you want the best chance to win a championship, you stay in Denver.  IF there is no lockout after this season (I have hope!) we can be big players in next year's free agency and we would have both our draft picks (first time in a long time).  Let's look at the three teams Melo has interest in supposedly.

  1. New York Knicks - This is a team that sold out the last two years of playing time to hopefully land Lebron James and failed miserably.  They did land Stoudemire, but there's worry about his knee holding and his retina...  Now they're going after Melo hard (as we all know).  To me the approach the Knicks are taking to Melo is just pathetic; have you ever asked out this really hot chick (or dude) and gotten rejected?  So what do you do?  The Knicks say ask her cute friend.  That doesn't feel right, does it Carmelo?
  2. New Jersey Nets - The Nets (Or Nyets) were dangerously close to setting an NBA record of being the most pathetic team ever that got lucky by one win.  Tyler Durden once said that "Only after disaster can we be resurrected."  So at least the Nets have some hope for improvement, they hired a competent coach, have a promising young Center and Point guard.  But they're at least 3-4 years away from any sort of playoff contention.
  3. Houston Rockets - Yao Ming is expected to make a come back.  He is the face of the franchise there and the fans are extremely loyal.  If Carmelo is worried about Chauncey casting his shadow over Denver imagine the shadow that Yao's big 7'6" self casts.  But out of these three teams, Houston is the one ready to make some noise in the playoffs.  But Carmelo Anthony would have to accept that he would be second banana to Ming.  Houston is a bit more shiny/cosmopolitan than Denver but you can polish a turd but it's still a turd.

Looking at the three teams Melo wants to go to tells me one thing.  This isn't about Basketball, it's about ego and attention.  I think the report of Houston being a Melo approved is an aberration, unless Melo is serious about picking up fans in China.  The FO seems uncertain at the moment, but it appears we're going to be going with a upcoming executive in David Griffin so I think between him and young Josh Kroenke will usher in some stability and hopefully a new mentality in the Front office (Cough, Draft picks are good!, Cough).  Regarding to George Karl, I think if his health is good and Melo commits, Karl will be coaching again.

I've been giving the 2010-2011 season a lot of thought and I think I know what's best for the Nuggets.  Keep the team the same.  The team last year was dominate in the 1st half of the season then faded when a bunch of stuff (Unforesee) happened and we lost.  It is tempting to trade KMart with his massive contract expiring, but since he's missing a bunch of time in the beginning; it means he'll have fresh knees come playoff time.  Same with JR Smith, let's keep his crazy ass, I'm still advocating that he starts.  Him starting with Melo and Al Harrington should (hopefully) run up the score early and often and give the bench an easy job.  Besides I love seeing JR and Nene run pick roll so effortlessly and successfully.

Denver is a great city and doesn't really deserve the current strife we're going through now.  But you know what?  We can take it.  Our fierce loyalty and commitment will prevail.  If Melo decides to leave, we won't be screwed Salary Cap wise (Like Cleveland) and we still got some good players to rebuild rather quickly.  In the words of Kyle Orton "This is the place that my wife and I definitely want to be."  Me too Kyle, Me too.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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