ESPN Predicts regular season records



Los Angeles Lakers 58 24 .707 57 25 .695
The heavyweight champs have given us a True Hollywood Story of classic characters: the loner hero, the European intellectual, the wise old cap'n, the Queensbridge kid, the loopy lefty, the young star on the make, the eccentric owner and his family, and the Zen Master. Oh yeah, they're pretty good at basketball, too.


*Oklahoma City Thunder 52 30 .634 50 32 .610
Is this the same team that stood 1-16 just 20 months ago? Yes, and it's the same team that put a serious scare in the champs in Round 1. In what could be a wild Western scramble for second, our panel gives the Thunder 0.21 wins more than the Mavs, meaning a potential West finals bid for the Durant-Westbrook-Green team.


*Dallas Mavericks 52 30 .634 55 27 .671
We foresee an amazing 11th-straight 50-win season for the Mavericks, again on the shoulders of Dirk, J-Kidd and crew. And with the arrival of Tyson Chandler and the emergence of Roddy Beaubois (once he returns from a broken foot), Dallas will have some fresh blood. The Mavs may not have a ring, but they do have our respect.


*Denver Nuggets 49 33 .598 53 29 .646
The Nuggets hope coach George Karl can return after another bout with cancer, and Karl hopes the Nuggets can return to top contender status in the West. To do so, Carmelo & Co. need to curb their worst tendencies (namely: selfish play, emotional outbursts) and get back to the kind of teamwork preached by Karl.



They have the nuggets with 49 wins, good for fourth behind LA, OKC, and Dallas and ahead of portland, San Antonia, Phoenix and Houston.  They also forecast Miami to win 61 games.  I think, unless Kmart comes back both earlier and more effective than expected that they will struggle to be a top four seed.  A big trade that sets off a major winning streak after the all star break and they could be the two seed.  I won't be surprised at all if OKC disappoints a little this season.

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