The Official Bring Back Dahntay's Inferno Page

One item overlooked about the end of season and playoff failings of the 2009/10 Nuggets was the lack of Dahntay Jones on the roster.

During the 2009 playoffs Dahntay was a very valued defensive presence on the court; someone who could be thrown at CP3, Josh Howard and Kobe and deliver tenacious D, chaos just this side of dirty, and the ability to get the player he covered out of their game.

During the 2009 offseason the Nugs tried to re-sign him; but Dahntay received a more lucrative 4year $11m contract from Indiana. The Nugs later traded for Aaron Afflalo who proved to be a valued member of the team and rotation.

After a full season with the Nugs & Dahntay's belt I think both sides learned a valuable lesson: 1. Dahntay learned he's not the starting big minute player who can develop offense; and 2. Though AAA is a very good stand-up defender, AAA is not a disrupting influence on defense. The Nugs never re-gained that game turning tenacious defender who could totally mess up the head of the person he's covering. In short, the Nugs lost their economy version of Bruce Bowen; their smaller Tru Warior.

In hindsight, Dahntay's contract isn't that big. In 2010 he'll earn $2.5m, in 2011 it'll be $2.7m, in 2012 it'll be $2.9m. Compared to other contracts; especially in relation to some of the players suggested by posters to sign, Dahntay's salary is very reasonable. And, Indiana fell out of favor with Dahntay; they thought Dahntay would be more of a player than he is. He's not; he's a greatly athletic defensive stopper who can mess with the head of the player he's covering.

The Nugs greatly need more legit bigs; but the Nugs also need a defensive stopper at the wing; someone who's OK with limited minutes, will understand his role and will not only defend but will disrupt the opposition.

Bring Dahntay back. The trade would be cheap and it's already proven he's a valuable player in Karl's rotation and will wreck havoc against the Durant's, Kobe's and others... in short he's the kind of player other teams are acquiring in order to stop Melo.

Bring Dahntay home; bring the inferno back to the Pepsi Center.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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