PASPN Fantasy Basketball League

I assume some of you may have heard about it, but I haven't seen a thread up here.

How many of you know about it, and how many would consider joining a league and being active? I'm thinking about starting one, and can think of no better place. :)

Do you think you have what it takes to be a real NBA GM or an NBA Agent? Are you looking for a different basketball experience? If so then welcome to's Offseason and Real-time Fantasy Basketball game, the first fantasy basketball experience governed by the rules of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

During the offseason play, your goal as an NBA GM is to re-tool your team for the up and coming NBA Fantasy Regular season. As an NBA Agent, your goal is to make sure your clients needs are being answered whether they are a free agent and in need of a new contract or looking to get bought out of their existing contract.

During regular season play, NBA GMs compete head-to-head in an NBA-like 18-week schedule declaring an 8-man rotation throughout the game week. NBA Agents compete for points to see who has the best set of clients.
Basically, you can become either a GM or an Agent.

If you're a GM, you take a team's existing real life roster and are able to do whatever you want with it. Work out trades with other GMs, and, when the time comes, work through free agency, signing free agents, re-signing your own free agents, get into a bidding war, etc...all while working around the salary cap. You also have the same draft spots that your team does in real life (you actually get to draft though, so you can choose who you draft). Just like real life. From there, once the season starts it becomes like regular fantasy basketball, each week you go head-to-head with another team, and duke it out like in a fantasy league.

If you're an agent, you basically represent all the free agents. You get to choose which team your client goes to, how much money they get, etc. And you get scored based on how well you do compared to the other agents in the league (you can only claim a set amount of players as clients).


In my opinion...

- It's a new kind of fantasy league, it's just like being a real life GM.
- You can choose your team and actually deal with the players (so if you have a favorite team...etc)
- It still has the elements of a regular fantasy league
- 30 teams = 30 GMs = An amazing league if everyone is active.

- Starting off with real life rosters can suck for some teams (like the guys who get the T-Wolves or Clippers tongue)
- It might be considered a lot of work for some people.

- Gets boring quick if people aren't REALLY active.

- There can be only 1 Nuggets GM. :P

That's just quickly some of the pros and cons.


Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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