Talk on other sites, and how it relates to the Nuggets - Eastern Conference

What SBNation's other blogs are saying right now...

Boston Celtics - CelticsBlog

Boston is expected to re-sign Paul Pierce.
Doc Rivers will be returning for one more year.
One fan wants King James in a Celtics uniform... another wants Shaq... and, finally, someone steps in...

You guys trying to assemble the team of the 5 ugliest players in the NBA or what?

Evidently, if LeBron bails, Shaq will bail for a contender.


New Jersey Nets - NetsDaily

New York Knicks - Posting and Toasting

The Knicks are meeting up with Joe Johnson and Mike Miller in LA.
Fans react to "The Blueprint for Greatness".

Seems there's a fair chance, too, that Lee won't be returning to NY.


Philadelphia 76ers - Liberty Ballers

The 76ers have finalised their Summer League roster, and Liberty Ballers takes a look at each player. On the roster: Ryan Brooks, G; Ndudi Ebi, F; Vernon Goodridge F; Mike Green G; Jrue Holiday G; Jason Love F-C; Jodie Meeks G; Obi Muonelo G-F; Trent Plaisted F-C; Cedric Simmons F;  Marreese Speights F-C; Evan Turner, G.
Reason Lebron is coming to Philly...

Wilt left the Sixers for LA.  Malone came to Philly.  Do you see the relationship?  The 76ers!!  We have been involved in both, so it must mean we will be involved with James this year, right?

Don't worry. No one took it seriously.

NoceOne starts his 5-Rec'd (yeah, I said it) post with the words, "Hi. My name is NoceOne and I’m a Nocioniac," and tells 76ers what to expect from Andres Nocioni. In case anyone is wondering, NoceOne's, um, Nocionisism (his word) has "brought me to Spain and the Euroleague, several World Championships, two Olympic Games and years with the Bulls and the Kings."
Another highly-Rec'd (uh-huh) post is Defense and Bigs, by Jefu.


Toronto Raptors - Raptors HQ

48% of Raptors fans believe Chris Bosh will be in Miami this season, 17% believe it will be in Hell. 34% believe James will play in Cleveland, 33% in Chicago. 84% believe Dwayne Wade will play in Miami, 11% in The D League since that's where 80% of his teammates will be imported from.
Raptors HQ
considers the possibility of trading Hedo Turkoglu (already).
Chris Bosh has made a decision... to visit Houston, Toronto, Chicago and Miami.

Additionally, as I write this, Hedo has, according to Raptors HQ, 1460 days, 8 hours, 5 minutes, and 46 seconds left on his contract. It expires on the 1st of June, 2014. Just check the sidebar on the front page. (Add Nuggets FO being incompetent joke here.)


Chicago Bulls - Blog a Bull

Upon visiting the website, Tempestuous Binary was blinded by the over-usage of the word "BlogABron". Hey that's me!
"I think it’s a done deal," the executive said. Apparently, James is only visiting with the other teams out of "respect", but he's already a Bull.


Cleveland Cavaliers - Fear the Sword

As already mentioned, Byron Scott accepted the offer to coach the Cavs.
A Lakers fan makes a fanpost... gets accused of trolling... an Orlando Magic fan calls Fear the Sword garbage.
Brendan Haywood is visiting with the Cavaliers. Brian Windhorst reports that a double sign-and-trade involving Shaquille O'Neal could lead Haywood to Cleveland.
Mo Williams for Greg Oden? Um...

According to the source, the Nuggets are also interested in Haywood.


Detroit Pistons - Detroit Bad Boys

The Pistons' summer league roster: Patrick Christopher, G; Austin Daye, F; Jordan Eglseder, C; Marquez Haynes, G; Jonas Jerebko, F; Mac Koshwal, F/C; Elijah Millsap, G/F; Greg Monroe, F/C; Jared Reiner, C; A.J. Slaughter, G; DaJuan Summers, F; Edgar Sosa, G; Terrico White, G.
Reasons To Get Drunk and Surly Tonight.
Quick Darshan's 9-Rec'd post lists Nuggets GM Joe Dumars' Draft Pick Criteria.
BREAKING NEWS: DeMarcus Cousins does something controversial.

The last link is worth a read (it's very short).


Indiana Pacers - Indy Cornrows

Jordan Farmar is a free agent, and may end up with the Pacers in an act of mutual desperation.
Indy Cornrows asks how Danny Grangers versatility can help the team.
An analysis of ex-Nugget Dahntay Jones' 2009/'10 season. A summary (mostly):

Through the first sixteen games, D.Jones [averaged] 16.6 PPG and 3.8 rebounds.  As Danny Granger exited with his knee injury, Jones [notched] up a lot of offensive inconsistencies... with the return of Dunleavy and having Rush actually being healthy, Jones slowly fell out of favor in the rotation, notching up a handful of DNP-CDs from Jim O’Brien... Jones remained a consummate professional throughout the trying season...

In addition to offensive inconsistencies, Jones displayed a series of defensive inconsistencies as well...  Jones also fell out of favor for his lack of ability as a three point shooter...


What it ultimately summed up to was a disjointed season for the 29-year-old guard. Expectations were left a bit short, in both founded and unfounded scenarios. What becomes of Jones’s value as a Pacer remains to be seen, though, his role can still be useful.

[How Dahntay impressed:]

Who knew Jones was capable of an offensive flurry? Not only did he blow out of the gates with a huge scoring touch early in the season, but managed to come up with big games despite his increasingly erratic playing time...wasn’t completely given the opportunities he was promised throughout the season... Jones’s professionalism deserves some applause... and those dunks he can throw down, they aren’t overrated...

[How Dahntay disappointed:]

Mark Boyle and/or Slick Leonard made note of [his] defensive specialties... but at the risk of butching their words, I’ll sum it up as such: We’re all a little confused where this reputation came from... We expected Bruce Bowen and got a guy who could score some points and make some stops...

The [offensive] game he showed was wildly inconsistent. Jones doesn’t appear to have the ability to create his own shot... finished the year 4-32 from deep...

[What's next:]

Unless he magically finds a deep shot... expect to see Jones notch up a couple of 30 minute games here and there, and then enjoy a DNP-CD from time to time...

Dahntay Jones is a solid rotation player. But you have to play him as a rotation player... Denver had it right.  Get him in to start the game, set the tone defensively, and then blindside the opponent with a spark plug [i.e. J.R. Smith]... Unfortunately, his usage was mismanaged last season, and there’s little to suggest it won’t be mismanaged again in 2010-11. I suppose all we can really hope for is more of the same professionalism as we try and sort it all out.

Also important is going to be the expectations of his defensive game. Do we know if we can expect more of him defensively? Is there a direct relation to his offensive outputs and his defensive consistency?

Something that jumps out at me here is that perhaps George Karl is a much savvier coach than we may think, and bringing in Afflalo was a brilliant move by an often-maligned Nuggets FO.

Milwaukee Bucks - Brew Hoop

John Salmons and the Bucks are making progress in contract negotiations. Salmons reacts with surprise:



While John takes a moment to calm down, the Bucks signed Drew Gooden to a 5-year, $32 million deal.

Atlanta Hawks - Peachtree Hoops

Joe Johnson is to accept the Hawks max-contract offer.
In Peachtree Hoops' first-ever podcast, they discuss Johnson's future (no tea-leaves were harmed).
According to Truthspitter, the Hawks' new coach, Larry Drew, is the cheapest coach in the NBA.

Charlotte Bobcats - Rufus on Fire

Tyson Chandler isn't opting out.
Rufus on Fire provides an optimistic view of Darius Miles, the former 3rd-overall pick.
Sherron Collins signs with the Charlotte Bobcats.


Miami Heat - Peninsula is Mightier

The Heat bought out James Jones' contract.
Stephen Smith says James and Bosh are joining Wade in Miami... 57% of Heat Fans agree.
The NBA's smartest players. Chauncey Billups makes an appearance.

Orlando Magic - Orlando Pinstriped Post

Dwight Howard wants Chris Paul and Carlos Boozer... the Magic, however, are more interested in Amare and ex-Nugget Steve Blake. I guess that's sort of like acquiescing...


Washington Wizards - Bullets Forever

The Wizards and Nets switched players - Yi Jianlian for Quinton Ross... Wizards fans react.
As well as speaking to their own free agents (Miller and Josh Howard), Washington has spoken to Travis Outlaw, Rasual Butler, Ryan Gomes, and Josh Childress (or at least their representatives).
Mike Miller hasn't ruled out returning to the Wizards. Mike Prada replies:

I haven't ruled out drinking five shots of tequilla tonight, but it doesn't mean I'll actually do it.

According to my source, Mike Miller offered no further reply to Prada. Also, according to sources, there's a piece of toilet paper stuck to my heel and Chris Andersen got a tattoo once.


Western Conference edition coming soon.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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