Guidelines for the Front Office

My top 5 guidelines for FO Deals this summer (If our FO decides to get off it's ass and make the team better)


* Don't trade Lawson!! We can't afford to trade Lawson. Period. I think he's going to develop into a really good point guard for the Nuggets, with more time on the court. He was valuable for us last year in spelling CB, and also playing teams like the Lakers who didn't know what to do with his speed. In addition, given what we're paying for him now, and given that he's a legit starting PG for the next few years, we won't find that value anywhere else.

*Same goes for Aflallo Here's a shooting guard who plays great D and is a pretty good shooter, as long as we have melo in a nugs uniform, we don't need a SG that can blow up and score in bunches. AAA is also pretty mature and i have seen him take it to the basket a few times and create his own shots. He is also pretty young and we're not overpaying him. Keep him!

* Only trade Melo for a good but younger SF and big man.  For instance, say we traded melo and JR to memphis for Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol. Both young guys that could start, Rudy Gay is a good athletic scorer, Gasol could play center and let Nene play PF because Nene is not a center. ( Forgive me if this trade wouldn't work because of salary cap problems, it's just an illustration of the only kind of trade that would ease the blow of losing Melo)

*Don't sign huge 6 year contracts to big men who are over 28!! This isn't so much applying to this year, at least i hope not, i just think it's a good rule of thumb, because of how often it seems like teams do this and are always struggling to find a way to dump huge contracts to guys that are injured year in and year out. 

*Don't trade with the Thunder, or make any deals with their front office.  Sam Presti is wily. If we decide to try making deals with the Thunder, we'll probably get (worked over*). Maybe talk to to the suns, they've lost steve kerr, so they're probably prone to some big mistakes while their FO is in Flux, but hey, so is ours so it could come back to bite us.


(Other than that i think they should go trade crazy! Comments? Other guidelines for the FO?)


*Post edited by Nate T.

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