It may be time for something totally different

This is my first fanpost. I have laid back and read all the people and their opinions hoping for something different in terms of how to rebuild/ finish building a team good enough to win an NBA Title.

I have been a fan of the Nuggets/Rockets since the old ABA days. I fondly remember watching Byron Beck, Dave Robisch and, God help me, Julius Keye get a great rebound and miss the lay up putback shot. Warren Jabali whom I think would be a star in today's NBA yet had a temper fuse shorter than short and even a 5'9" PG named Larry Brown.


So what is this, my first fanpost to be about?


I read all the time about trading this player, that player, getting a top 10 draft choice and think about the team that beat the Nuggets this year in the Playoffs. How many First Round picks are on that Utah team?

The man I consider to be the best Forward ever to put on a Nuggets Jersey, Alex English was a Second Round pick. Marc Gasol was picked in what round? DeJuan Blair, the rebounding phenom of this rookie class? Anybody remember Dennis Rodman? James Edwards? Billy McKinney? Allen Leavell? How about that killer rookie with Utah, Wes Matthews?

For that reason I will argue that instead of getting high 1st round picks, get 2nd rounders and scour the country for non-drafted rookies who can play.  Get guys who are hungry, have something to prove and especially who want to work on their game and make their weaknesses a strength.

Yes, the Nuggets have one in the Birdman, a non-drafted work his butt off team player, but I believe that we need more. From my watching the NBA and basically all the professional teams in all sports over the years, a hungry team with a chip on it's shoulder made up of team players will win more. The more players who will work their butts off with something to prove the better.

Think of last years Nuggets. They had something to prove. Birdman was flying high and the team had something to prove. This year I think the hunger was gone some.Yes, they were beat up some and A.D. is no Karl as Coach (Oh to have a Doug Moe as HC) but I think they just gave up. Yes, gave up at the end of the Utah series. Why? Lack of hunger and lack of will to work on their game and improve their weaknesses.

If Johan Petro was really hungry for a title and not just wanting a few million bucks, he would be at the Big Man's Camp learning his trade and necessary footwork, blocking out skills, etc.. If J.R. really wanted more than his $6 million he would be working his butt off to make himself more consistent. If he is doomed to be a streak shooter, then he should make himself into a Michael Cooper type of defender. The shooting, when on, would be the icing on the cake.

Just my opinion.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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