Revisiting Camby

I know I dont need to remind anyone about the main things we need for the 2011 season but defense and rebounding would go a long way to making this team serious contenders again.  But what would you think if Marcus Camby were to return to Denver?

His name was mentioned briefly last trade deadline as someone we tried to get.  His defensive presence and rebounding have been missed since he was traded in 2008.  Everyone thought his skills would drop significantly after we traded him for...... with the clippers but as he shown with finishing second overall for rebounds last season he can still perform consistently.

With Greg Oden returning next season the Blazers wouldnt be too hesitant to trade him.  Considering that they have over 20 million in salaries for the center position next season and although Camby performed the best of the three last year he is 36 and has 2 more years at 9 million.

They really need an experienced scoring SF to full their roster or maybe an expiring contract to keep their young talent signed.

He will still average over 10 rebounds per game for at least one more season and already fits with the nuggets so he could help next year.  Also I remember Melo saying in an interview that he would love to have Camby back on the team.


A number of trades could work to land Camby back in Denver but would most likely have to include a third team with a SF of Portlands interest. 


Trade Idea # 1


DEN trade - J.R Smith, Chris Anderson                              rec - Marcus Camby, 2nd round pick

POR trade - Camby, draft pick                                               rec - Maggette

GSW trade - Corey Maggette, 2nd round pick                     rec - Smith, Anderson, Draft pick


all teams get rid of large/bad contracts (Anderson, Maggette, Camby) and get players they need.  J.R can be seen as either an expiring or a scorer off the bench for GS but they get rid of Maggettes contract move Anthony Randolph to SF and draft Greg Monroe for PF

Portland gets an experienced SF who can score 20 ppg and allow Aldridge to score less.  he can also play at SG position.  Their team becomes strong all round and if they stay healthy will be strong in the west

Denver gets Camby to bring down boards and have a last shot at a title before he retires. They move Nene to PF and pick up a 2nd round pick ( either Jordan Crawford or a big to eventually replace Camby)


Trade idea #2


DEN trade - Smith, Anderson                rec - Camby

POR trade - Camby                                 rec - Luol Deng

Chi trade - Deng,                                     rec - Smith, Anderson


Only way i see this happening is if LBJ goes to chicago then they dont need to have deng making 12 million on the bench. they will need him gone.  Chicago may also want Kenyon martins contract if they sign too big free agents so they have one year of high salaries then Kmart expires and they get some cap relief

Trade idea # 3


DEN trade - Kenyon martin                           rec - Camby, Tyrus Thomas

POR trade - Camby, 1st                                 rec - Boris Diaw/ Stephen Jackson

CHA trade - Diaw/ Jax                                     rec - Kmart, 1st

With Nene at PF denver wouldnt need Kmart as much and Charlotte wants to rebuild the team to Jordans liking while Kmart can help them in the mean time



 So what do you guys reckon would you want Camby back in denver?  please comment any new trades you think could work better

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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