Hire Bill Laimbeer as coach!

We should hire this guy, he will be the next best coach.

Four reasons:

1.) He is a leader... He is a former Bad Boy and some of that still remain in him. But he has successfully channeled that Bad Boy energy into a great leader who commands respect when he speaks. He is tall so he won't be intimidated when KMart barks at him. He exudes boundless energy which is important to keep a group focused for a full season. He sets a clear direction of what he wants players to do, and what he doesn't want them to do. He sets a clear goal for a basketball team for that season. He he doesn't talk non-sense.. he knows his stuff (see reason #4). When you know you're a guy who people won't mess with and you know what you're talking about, that's a formidable combination.

2.) He is a manager... They say you can either lead or manage. Bill knows how to do both. While leaders do the right things, managers do things right. They know how to relate to (aka treat) players. And thesedays, you have to treat players individually. He can manage egos, which is surprising, considering you would expect a former Bad Boy to have a short fuse. But Bill is surprisingly patient and while he is not afraid of yelling at his players, he knows when to give credits to them when they're due. He would never get to the "you've crossed the line" point, but he still gives you the "keeping it real" looks that you won't cross his line. 

3.) He's a communicator... He talks a lot but not one of those guys who don't know when they've crossed the "annoying" line. He talks to ensure they's a relationship between him and his players. It's not all professional as Bill can be casual too, making players comfortable around him. But Bill can be all business and his players will respect him for that.

4.) He knows his X's and O's... Say what you want that it's only a WNBA team. But basketball is basketball. He can do it with female talents, he can do it with male talents. But although X's and O's can be learned, they must come from within you. Bill has them within him. So unlike most guys who say "I'll lead, you guys shaddap" but they don't know what they're talking about, when Bill talks he knows what he's talking about.

5.) He is not afraid of working the refs. He is never intimidated by refs... but after he gets a T, he's composed enough to not get tossed. He protects his players, but best of all, he also warns players not to be overly whiny to the refs.


If there's one rookie coach that we should consider. It's Bill. Word is 76ers has him on their list. Wherever he goes, he will be a great coach, you hear it first :-) and I hope we can give him a chance.

George Karl, Phil Jacko, Pop also had to start from somewhere.



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