Sadly, is it time to start the Melo trade talks?

Based on recent events, is it sadly time to begin the "What if Melo gets traded" talks?

As published by and posted on another thread on this site, the Nuggets are scheduling discussions with Melo for a possible 3 year contract extension. On the surface that may look like good news; but is the underlying agenda being the Nuggets preparing to trade Melo?

Is the reality coming to the surface that the Nuggets have no intention to commit to being a championship caliber franchise and instead are devolving into the Colorado Rockies model of Cheap, Cheap, Trade, Trade, Excuse, Excuse, Rationalize, Rationalize, Blame, Blame, Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Then end result and sad reality may turn out that Melo gets traded, as early as this offseason.

That then brings up the question: Where could Melo be traded to and for what in return. Sudden discussion items could include:


Philly (2nd pick)

Wash (1st pick)

Contrary to some thinking that trading Melo now would result in getting a mere fraction of his worth. I'm thinking it's the other way around. There is a market and hungry teams available to trade today that may not be there next year:

Food for thought:

New York: Lee, and what else (nothing much there of value to trade for)

Philadelphia: 2nd pick, Brand, Iggy, maybe a future 1st

Washington: 1st pick, Foye, Josh Howard, maybe a future 1st
(anybody suggesting Arenas deserves a whack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper)

Chicago: Noah, Rose, Hinrich, future 1st (yes, you'd have to take back Hinrich or Deng for cap purposes)

New York could be Melo's dream destination, but the Knicks would have to put togethe a 3-team package to bring back suitable talent to send the Nuggets way. Melo for David Lee and a bag of garbage just won't cut it.

Silver lining: The Nugs could use the Melo trade as the motivator to rid itself of the other bad contracts (KMart, Nene) either directly as part of a Melo deal or indirectly.

Who's the loser: Well the Nuggets fans and Chauncy Billups who returned home to finish his career as a member of a title contending Nuggets franchise.

Interesting development: I saw on some of the national posting, discussion about Melo signing the 3yr with the specific intent of then going to the Lakers after 2013, just in time to replace Kobe.

Ironically, that’s the very scenario I described LeBron of planning to do on a different thread.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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