Our TWO (2) main focus this off-season

1.) Eliminate inconsistencies

2.) Getting rid of "old" perception

These two should be our focus of the off-season and the basis of our moves.


1.) We have to eliminate inconsistencies. A player who puts 20 and 10 one night, and then when we really need him in the next game, can only manage 5 and 3 and 5-6 fouls. Another player who can score at will and then for the next 2 weeks he shoots 30%. I think we know who these players are: Nene and J.R. MUST BE TRADED! Mainly is to eliminate inconsistencies that linger... we do that and we automatically IMPROVE. And then, consider the players in return we can get from trading Nene and J.R.... we should look to add players who offer consistent nightly effort basis. So theme no 1 is to ELIMINATE TEAM'S INCONSISTENCY.


2.) Getting rid of "old" perception. Consider in our division alone: Thunder, Blazers, Jazz (with Deron, Matthews, Miles, Millsap), and even Wolves (who should improve with possible arrival of Rubio, another lottery pick, and 1 season under Rambis). They're all ridiculously young, and scary good. Just think, if you're a young good team and your team is facing an old team next... what do you think? You want to attack, attack, and attack... you want to showcase all your athletic, strong advantages you have over your older opposition. Before the game/ series even begins, you have the young team already set in their mind that they're going to be aggressive. Hey, you don't need to motivate your team anymore if you're the coach. We have to really STOP giving away these "psyche advantages" to opponents before EVERY game.

E.g. I bet before the series began, if the Thunder feared the Lakers' championship experience and they had none of that, one thing they didn't fear is the Westbrook-Fisher matchup. They knew that's one matchup they can rely on... the young stud taking advantage of the old guy's old knees. In other words, before the series even began, Westbrook already set his mind that's he's going to be aggressive. Fisher is the weak link on that team... and the Thunder can exploit that. It's proven to be effective until Kobe switched to Westbrook.

We have some old weak links. First is Chauncey. He's our leader... and I believe he has 1-2 yrs left in him... but regardless, I would like to see his minutes reduce to 26-29 mpg. It also should freshen his legs throughout the season and he'll be just fresh instead of "dead tired" when the playoffs come. Let Ty assume more responsibilities. This also means no more Anthony freakin Carter on this team. Find a capable 3rd string YOUNG PG to play behind Chauncey and Ty.

We have to make opponents EARN their aggressiveness... not something that we give away for free. We have to eliminate "weak links/ perception" that other teams can take advantage. When we're old, we give them a "pass" to be aggressive on us. I think this is an important aspect of the game that can be overlooked. I think it should be one of our main focus.
















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