Just Throwing Some Names Out..

Okay well the season is sadly over (WAAAAYYY TO EARLY)

and i know there have been a lot of Blow up the team threads... let me state this...I DONT WANT TO BLOW UP THIS TEAM

Also I want to re-sign Johan and Graham if possible (for cheap)... then sign AAA to a long term deal around 5 years 25-30 million $

Now that being said... we need to be aggressive this off season and improve the team (if that means trading some core players, so be it)

so here is a list of people we could look at this summer (trades or free agency)

Michael Beasley- Now its clear Miami doesnt trust him so much and after they get bosh or amare... it would be kind of redundant to have him... especially if they could keep Haslem (more on him later)... They also seriously lack bench scoring, a PG, and a SF... now i would think that they would be interested in kleiza.. think about it... his shitty D would be covered up in Miami great defense and would probably just be a shooter... so S&T Kleiza and a future second for Beasley

Udonis Haslem- now me living in miami, i watch a lot of heat games too (not as much as nuggets games tho)... i could tell you this guy is such a perfect fit... the one problem is he is way to loyal, meaning he might not want to leave Miami and/or Wade... so if he is willing to listen, offer him MLE for 3 or 5 years....

Dorrel Wright- Back up SF for min possibilty

Gortat- If orlando loses early in the playoffs this year (i.e. to winner of ATL/MIL game) they could want to dump Gortat because they are way over the cap and dont need to pay 6-7 mil a year for a guy playing 10-15 minutes... i offer JR for Gortat

Reddick or Korver- this is if we lose JR, plus these guys are much more consistent 3 point shooter.... but thats about it

Frye- maybe good fit as a strech 5....

Flip Murray- possible JR replacement....

Bosh/Boozer/Amare- maybe sign and trade Nene or Kmart (maybe with JR) for one of these guys

Brad Miller- veteran big man, good shooter, good passer... wants to win a 'chip... offer 2 years MLE

Tyrus Thomas- we almost got him at the deadline... good young atheltic PF... but dumb as bricks... i say go after him if Haslem and Miller say no

Yi Jianlian- i doubt Jersey picks up his option, i like this guy as kind of the talented guy no1 expects to do anything after being a bust, then proving doubters wrong.... just saying, if he's available for cheap, id take the chance

Kaman or Bogut- if MIL or LAC start of shitty and dont want to waste money on these bigs, they could dump them for kmarts expirer... i see this as a possible Deadline deal...

Josh Smith- same idea as Bogut/Kaman... but a lil more likely... think about it... if ATL loses in the playoffs, Johnson leaves and Woodson walks... they dont want to build around Smith... I think they would trade Smith and dump bibby if they could... maybe a 3 team trade with Miami.. like Smith to DEN, KMart and Beasley to ATL, Bibby and a first (ATL) to Miami

James Johnson/Amir Johnson/ Jason Maxiell- underachievers, could be Afflalo like pick ups

Biedrins- he could prob be had for Kmart, but idk if DEN wants to pay him 10 mil if he is just like a younger version of Birdman... also, he is like 40% FT shooter who said he is going to start shooting them underhanded... then again, he's young and tall... could move NEne to PF

Haywood- i doubt Cuban lets him walk, but i could dream...

Troy Murphy or Roy Hibbert- young bigs... Roy is a lot cheaper and younger... Troy is a soft white 3 point shooter (who's injury prone)

Nazr Mohammad- big guy, decent contract....

Kevin Love/ Al Jefferson- this is not likely at all, but if Minny draft Cousins, one of these guys could be had for JR and or KMART

Ben WAllace- Vet big, for cheap

Spencer Hawes- young big with good range... at first thought he was out of range, but I've really heard Kings fans want him traded




okay, i know it looks like i listed every player in the NBA... but i just think these are some options

so it proves, we can either

A.) do a major move involving JR/KMart/Nene for a star big like Amare/Bosh/Boozer


B.) try for some savy moves like we have done in the past...Yi, Haslem, Wallace, Miller,  Thomas or Johnson etc.


C.) kind of in the middle, getting an over paid player who could make or break us as a team... i.e Biedrins, Josh Smith


please post which player you would want to get and the one that you think is most likely


also i would like to see us do the opposite of what we usually do in June, meaning instead of selling our pick... lets try and buy one (i read that ATL is willing to trade theirs, I assume ORL and LAL would highly consider it)

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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