Starting at the top: Stan's Dirty Dozen

Here are a dozen newspaper headlines over the last year. A dozen reasons why, at the threshold of success, ownership abandoned the fans and the team down. And, since this is a classy joint you get a baker’s dozen:


1. Kroenke becomes Arsenal's biggest shareholder - 05/01/2009

2. Kroenke increased his ownership stake in Arsenal to 28.58 – 07/11/2009

3.   Kroenke increased his stake in Arsenal to 28.9 percent – 10/16/2009

4.   Kroenke increases stake in EPL club Arsenal to 29.6 percent - 11/04/2009

5.   Kroenke has increased his stake in Arsenal to 29.9 percent and is within 17 shares  – 12/22/2009

6.   Kroenke buys more Arsenal putting him within 10 shares - 03/27/2010

7.   Nuggets $10mm Marcus Camby trade exception expires without being used – 07/15/2009

8.   Nuggets deal Stephen Hunter and 2010 1st Round Pick to Memphis for Trade Exception – 08/07/2009

9.   Nuggets allow Linus Kleiza to sign overseas rather than include in a sign and trade to upgrade the roster – 08/11/2009

10. Nuggets $7.4mm Allen Iverson trade exception expires without being used – 11/04/2009

11. Nuggets $3.2mm Chucky Atkins trade exception expires without being used – 01/05/2010

12. NBA Trade Deadline passes; Nuggets make no deal – 02/18/2010

13. Kroenke makes move to own Rams – 04/13/2010


To all the Kroenke apologists and those wearing rainbow-colored glasses who drone on blaming the economy and so on and so on… Hush. If Short Arm Stan has time and money to throw at becoming an NFL owner or a Lord of Soccer, he has time and money to invest in whatever it takes towards the Nuggets winning their first NBA title.


For those keeping score at home, that's $27,000,000 Kroenke blew away; half, a third, even a fourth of that money would’ve gone a long way towards getting the Nuggets over the hump.


No more excuses, Stan either put on your big boy pants and get in the game (though it may be too late now) or sell the team and get out of the way. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.


Front Office:

For all of Wark's blowhard rhetoric and talking down to the public, I truly believe he would have made deals if he was allowed to. I may be wrong but I believe if there were any legit takers for JR, he would have been gone. Wark's big talk about JR only seemed to start when it became apparent there was no market for a selfish shooter with real bad issues.



I believe Karl when he said at the beginning of the season he wanted a whole season with the core group. But that's why you do not put Karl in a position of authority in roster moves. Not dogging Karl; Moe and Larry Brown are the same way. Incredible coaches, completely clueless in personnel decisions.


Plus in a way, Karl was full of garbage with that statement because the core team was no longer all there. They already made changes (Dahntay gone, AAA & Lawson drafted).



The owner let the FO down who in turn let the coach down who in turn let the team down. I said it earlier and say it again, you play 8 players for an entire season is stupid. They'll have nothing left; especially if they're older (Billups), have a history of running out of gas (Billups) or have a history of injuries (KMart). But if you only have 8 players on your team worth a hoot, you're forced to play only an 8man rotation.


Melo: He's not Lebron, but he's still a superstar

Billups: Ran out of gas at the end of the season... CHUH, who didn't see that coming

KMart: Played hard, grew up a little got hurt and missed several games... CHUH, who didn't see that coming

Nene: You get what you get,

Afflalo: Pleasant surprise, looks to be a nice role player

Birdman: Disappointing this year, not really surprise; he's not the first to flop after getting the big contract

JR: Disappointing. His act has really worn out

Lawson: Pleasant surprise, looks to have a future

AC: About what you'd expect

Graham: Not relevant

Petro: Not relevant

Allen: Not relevant

Balkman: Not relevant


And shame shame shame on you Stanley for having so man irrelevant players on the year the team should've gone all out for the ring.


Shame shame shame on you Stanley.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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