Nuggets Drinking Game

Howdy folks, my buddies and I are having a little barbecue tonight (in spite of the weather) to cheer on the Nuggets.  We're going to be playing a drinking game while watching the game and I wanted to see what y'all thought about the rules we came up with.

The goal of this drinking game is to be appropriately sauced- if the Nuggets are winning, you should be drinking joyously and if the Nuggets are losing, you should be drinking in a sad, uneasy way.  We're stocked up on Coors and I'm optimistic that we're gonna see a big time road win by the Nugs so hopefully this evening will be a good one.  Anyway, here are the rules we came up with-

Drinking for the good times:
Drink whenever JR makes a 3
Drink whenever Birdman blocks a shot
Drink whenever the Jazz take a timeout because the Nuggets just went on an unstoppable scoring binge
Drink when/if Jerry Sloan/Carlos Boozer/Deron Williams/Kyle Korver get T'ed up
Drink whenever Nene dunks with 2 hands

Drinking for the bad times:
Drink whenever AC comes into the game
Drink whenever JR dribbles for 10 seconds and then shoots a 3 (I don't care if he makes it- that's still a terrible shot)
Drink whenever Johan drops an easy pass
Take a shot of hard liquor whenever Carmelo gets called for an offensive foul

Drinking just 'cause:

Drink whenever Chauncey looks like he's thinking about pizza
Drink every time Scott Hastings hugs a taco
Drink every time the Birdman shows up advertising something ...nevermind, that would be excessive
Drink every time you hear KMart swearing on TV.  If they show a replay and he is blatantly swearing in slow-mo (even if you don't hear it) this also counts as swearing on TV and you should drink accordingly.

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  I am aware that if I were following these rules while watching Game 2, I would have been passing out on the floor after Melo was called for his 4th offensive foul (5th overall) at the beginning of the fourth quarter.  But there's no way he's gonna get the shaft like that again... right?

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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