Playoff Optimism: What ME worry? Not on your life

Let us start off with some music....get us pumped for the next 3 days. Denver's own....


flobots - The Rhythm Method (Move) - Fight With Tools (via SpoiledBru)


Ah yes....the day after blues eh? Feeling down? Feeling like everything is lost? Screw that!!

Honestly....look at yesterday's game. Did the better team win? NO! Did Utah have to play out of it's damn mind to squeak out the win? Yes.

Lets put aside the officials for a moment. The Nuggets outplayed Utah the entire second half. The Defense in the second half was great at times. In fact, the comeback in the third quarter is why I'm CONVINCED that Utah may not win another game in this series.


Here are some reasons:

1. The Nuggets can win in Utah: The home court isn't as intimidating in Utah as it was. When the Nuggets won there with their two best players out it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Nuggets can not only win, but win impressively in Utah. Not worried.

2. Playing over your head works for only one game: You expend alot of mental and physical energy playing over your head. As Jason Kozmiki said on his twitter...the Jazz shot an amazing percentage. Milsap hit several very tough shots. Boozer was left wide open at times....that won't happen again. Korver hit some timely shots, but was guarded pretty well. Everything had to fall into place (including officiating) for Utah to win last night. Jerry Sloan knows this. The Jazz won by 3 FRIGGIN POINTS....and had to struggle and claw and be absolutely PERFECT to get that win.

3. Bill Spooner and Kenny Mauer won't be officiating the next game: Listen....the game was horribly called for both teams....but there was a definite tilt toward not being able to even breath on Deron Williams, and Bill Spooner's blown non-call (stepping out of bounds by Miles) on Melo that really tilted the game toward Utah. I'm not one of those people who sit back and say "that's not WHY they lost"'s a definite reason why they lost. It's ok to say it. There were other factors but come on people....if you can't connect the dot's between Spooners missed call (with 25 seconds left and the Nuggets down by 1) then there's really no hope for you. Embrace it people. I just rewatched the game....the Nugget's didn't play "deserve to lose" ball....and if you look at it with an objective eye you will see it.

4. Melo: Melo play bad defense at times in this game. No denying. However, considering he was getting mugged...and apparently his shoulder has a giant bulls eye on it causing officials to spontaneously blow a whistle even when it casually brushes an opponents jersey....he still was scoring with relative ease and Utah really has no answer for him. Even with the Matt "limited I mug people" Hapering defense Melo still had over 30 points.

5. Chauncey will play better: Not that he was playing terrible in the first place....but the poor decision making at the end was very costly. Regardless of confusion CB should have known to let TY take the ball up. That being said....their best clutch shooter was fouled out, and their options were very limited. Still....Chauncey should know better...and WILL know better in Utah.

6. The Doubters have returned: Yup....the hate brigade is coming out of the woodwork. Turn on the TV or listen to the radio today and hear what they are saying...I think every Nuggets fan should and get PISSED OFF. There is nothing wrong with that. I hate how our immediate reaction is to strip off our shirts, walk out to the street, and start cutting ourselves and whipping our backs like we are part of Opus Dei (or so I've been told) and make excuses for poor officiating or the way the Nuggets are perceived.....It's OKAY to be resentful at media types who scoff at the's OKAY to get angry at's OKAY to get angry for any reason....just channel that into focus and excitement for the next playoff game.


Listen people....I'm FUCKING excited for the next game....We are going in there...and we are going to kick ass and take names in front of the whitest crowd the Nuggets will ever play in front of.

WHOS WITH ME!!!!????

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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