A look at the 2010 season

Watching the 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets season was pretty sweet. They looked like a Championship team the entire state of Colorado was hoping for. Then, the once special season came to an end thanks to the eventual Champion Lakers.

During the offseason, the Nuggets didn't do much.

They added Arron Affalo, Joey Graham and Malik Allen, drafted Ty Lawson, and resigned Chris Andersen, Anthony Carter, Johan Petro and Renaldo Balkman.

Everything was fine at first. They were playing well, nobody was getting hurt and George Karl was with the team, not to mention J.R. being suspended for the first 7 games of the regular season. Carmelo Anthony was looking like the MVP of the NBA. Chauncey and Kenyon Martin were have career years.

Then, the injury bug came along.

Kenyon suffered a left knee injury that lingered for the entire season. Ultimately partially tearing the patella.

Chris Andersen suffered right knee tentinitis, thus, taking away what made him the player he was last year and basically screwing his entire season.

Chauncey Billups pulling his groin, keeping him sidelined for eight of the next nine games. (3-6 without him)

Carmelo's bruised knee and high ankle sprain.

Ty Lawson's shoulder injury. (thanks Andrew Bynum,you douche)

Not to mention all of the other nagging injuries everybody has had.

Despite everything, the Nuggets held on, trying to capture the same magic they had last year. They were on their way to a terrific season. They were on their way to claiming the 2nd seed in the West, maybe the first. It didn't look like anything was going to slow them down.

 However, their selfishness and lack of Defense showed. Not winning the games they should have won. (Kings, Wolves, Knicks, etc...) The injuries.

The one that hurt the most, both mentally, and emotionally, was losing their coach, George Karl. George had to leave the team to battle Cancer, a battle he is about to win.

Without Karl, Adrian Dantley took over, trying to keep the team from falling apart and to keep them on track for that 2nd seed. In the end, it's not what anybody was expecting.

Going 1-4 on a brutal roadtrip.

Losing their composure.

Dantley's questionable lineups, let alone coaching. I suppose you can't get too mad at a guy who's never been in this postion before.

As of last night, the Nuggets are now in 5th place, on the verge of losing home court advantage and having to face a potential Suns team that has their number. Are they going to just say "Fuck it, there's always next year."? No. They're a proud team. They're not going to roll over like they did against the Lakers last year. They're going to fight until they have nothing left ,and fight some more.

Despite the Suns going 3-1 against the Nuggets, they will learn what they have to do to win. They played the same way against the Lakers last year, and look what happened. The Lakers lose 1-3.

Fear not Nuggets fans, the Playoffs are here. A time where Chauncey shines the most. Where J.R. and Bird are going to mess with everybody and score like crazy.

They have to remember one thing:  Defense wins Championships!

Go Nuggets!

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