A Thugget Loyalist View 2.0..Back Away from the Edge

Once more, I'm compelled to post because of shock and dismay at how quickly every one is jumping off bridges and the bandwagon.  This season is NOT over!!

As terrible as last night's game turned out, how can we immediately assume that we will be trounced in the playoffs?  We no longer control our destiny for where we start the playoffs, but we sure as heck can control the outcomes of those games. 

So rather than obtain bullets, I will post some bullet points as to why we can succeed in the playoffs despite the odds:


  • Chauncey will get some rest and be ready to resume Mr. Big Shot status, and he will be the leader on the court that we know, love and NEED.
  • Melo will play a bit more defense while scoring at will and getting to the free throw line. And he will hit the game winning shot in Nash's face or any one of the Jazz.
  • AD has to have learned something about rotations and timeouts. If not, he will have learned how to hit the start button on his laptop to Skype in George Karl for pregame and half-time admonitions, encouragement and downright kick-in-the-pants speechifying, if not game planning and coaching.
  • Kenyon will lead on defense no matter how much pain he is in, because he is a stud and will not be beaten.
  • Afflalo.  He will continue to play his brilliant pesky defense which will open up ..
  • JR to score. I prefer to believe JR Swish will show up and rain 3's all over the building no matter in which building he is playing.
  • The Johan and JR will make some tres bien LeSwishery
  • Birdman will resume both spiking his hair and blocking shots with authority and frequency
  • Nene will realize that he is actually a good player when he stops complaining and starts dunking.
  • The BLURRRRR will see action and posterize some other unsuspecting big, either Staudemire or Kirilenko...doesn't really matter.
  • AC will play, and hit a couple of shots we need, and get a couple of steals.  That's all I've got.
  • TACOS, The Predator, Karl's Jr, and The New Guy will be outstanding cheerleaders.  Inspired by JR and Bird's collective energy, they become the BORG and will be unstoppable when they see garbage time due to a Nuggets beatdown of the opponent.

So let's all put down our mice, withdraw our fingers from the touchpads and back away from our keyboards.  NOW BREATHE.  Feel better? 

GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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