A Thugget Loyalist View or Why We Should NOT Give Up on the Season

I've decided to make my first ever FanPost, (please be gentle) because of my dismay at the overwhelming negativity by so many Stiffs these days. I've been a Nuggets fan for more years than I care to remember and this current team is BY FAR the best we've ever had.  And clearly, I'm no basketball expert, just a loyal fan, who loves this team. Right now, it's a rough patch at the wrong time. 

So, fellow Stiffs, let's not jump off the bandwagon just yet!  But if you feel so inclined, jump with me, and read the rest of my non-expert but loyal fan thoughts of our beloved, if currently bemused Thuggets :).

Melo:  For everyone who has said Melo is bad for the team or that Melo is selfish, well, I say he's a born scorer, and isn't that what the Nuggets pay him to do?  Score when he can and however he can?  Yes, it would be great for him to play more defense and move the ball, but really isn't that the point guard's job, to get the ball moving, and run set plays?   Melo takes a licking every game, and probably does not get half the fouls that he should get, but still plays with all his heart. If he gets locked down on tight defense, i.e. Dallas, then yes he needs to move the ball around.  And he is our best player.  Period.

Chauncey is in a dreadful slump, but the guy is human.  We can't throw him overboard because he's making bad shot selections. I think he's trying to shoot his way out of the slump, where maybe he would be more effective generating assists, playing some pesky defense and coaching on the floor.  The shots will come when he needs them. Chauncey may need to take a little bit more rest and he'll be just fine.

Nene is having a great year all in all.  He plays as a center but really isn't he more of a power forward?  He's become more aggressive this year than last , while not as aggressive as we might like.  But I think often when he starts being more aggressive, he gets in foul trouble (justified or not).  So, as a result, he backs off a bit, and that costs us. Also, he needs to actually pass the ball LESS and take those shots when open. Plus, he's got the braids of glory going for him.

Kenyon.  Well, we all know that Kenyon not being able to play is devastating, but that doesn't mean we are doomed to be bounced out of the playoffs in the first round.  Once Kenyon is back, he'll be monstrous and awesome. And will make everyone better around him.  And yes, I believe he'll be back for the playoffs.  I really need to see those lips on his neck, while he destroys the competition with his mere presence.

JR is JR, we get the good with the knucklehead.  I think JR has shown far more maturity in the past month than ever. He's passing up silly shots more often,and moving the ball around. His defense his tough and tenacious, and he forces alot of turnovers.  (Okay, okay, let's just forget the recent game where apparently his hands fell off his arms). He's going to the basket more and drawing more fouls.  His FT shooting definitely needs improvement.  I wouldn't trade JR for anything really.  He's integral to the bench.  And besides, what would Birdman do without his wingman?  Those two have great chemistry and a fantastic little handshake.

Speaking of Birdman, for all the complaints about how soft he is, the guy is playing with tendinitis(I think worse than anyone is letting on publicly).  But he still plays with more energy than anyone when he's on the floor.  He's improved his shot blocking this year. He gets beat up pretty hard in the paint, and again doesn't seem to be able to get the FT line as often it seems he should.  I blame some of his softness on the lack of hair gel.  However, I'm convinced that he is holding back for the playoffs, and he will unleash a Bird-doo like none other.

AAA - I should have Spellchecked myself, pathetic oversight on my part.  But maybe that's why I overlooked him. It's kind of how Afflalo rolls. He quietly scores, plays excellent defense and drives Kobe insane, which is worth every penny he is paid.  And isn't flashy about it.

Johan Petro needs more minutes but only if the matchup is right.  He gets into foul trouble, but I think that is because he's not playing enough to get the kinks out and think everything through.  His hands of stone reputation is being put to rest.  And because, well its fun, and silly, DON'T MESS WITH OUR JOHAN. 

Ty Lawson is not ready to start unless Chauncey is injured or needs some rest for a game or two.  I think he gets a  little over eager, driving to the basket and loses the ball sometimes.  But the kid is going to be amazing and sooner rather than later.  Also, Lawesome is super fast, a human blur, one might say  (hat tip to ColoradoAggie11 as co-creator of this nickname)

I don't hate AC as much as many do.  He had some good games of late. Yes, he's had some silly turnovers, I still think he's not terrible. And can be pretty darn crafty on defense.  I think the AC needs to be turned down a tad, but not turned off altogether.

Joey Graham has put in some good minutes and plays tough in the paint.  He's not a liability in general.

Malik Allen, well all I can say is TACOS! 

Is Balkman still on the team? No, seriously....where is he?  And if we find him, do we even care?

I present this idea, fellow Stiffs,that  if George Karl isn't giving up on the battle of his life and Kenyon isn't giving up on his balky knees, how can we, as Thugget loyalists, give up on this team?  I say, we CANNOT and WILL NOT!!  GO NUGGETS!!!!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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