I guess I won't be getting that Tuna Fish sandwhich

Earlier in the season the joke was started around a few of us Stiffs that if we could trade AC for a tuna fish sandwich we'd do the deal in a heartbeat, only problem is the other team would be getting fleeced.  Quite fortunately, Ac has stepped up his game big time and I for one am ready to give him his due.

I was very worried when Ty went down, especially against Phoenix when, in his first game in the current string of back up PG minutes,  AC threw up a classic AC stinker (0-2 0 pts 1 ast 1 reb 2 TO).  However, after that game AC has pretty much been on fire.

First the stats in the 7 games since Ty went down:

Denver is 6-1 and averaging 114.1 ppg, while their opponents average just 108.7 ppg

On the season as a whole Denver averages 107.8 ppg while their opponents average 102.6 ppg

AC meanwhile has averaged in this 7 game stretch 5.4 ppg 6.3 apg 2.3 rpg and 1.7 to


The numbers look pretty much like what you expect from AC, with his assist total being higher then usual (3.3 apg for his career).  The key though is when you watch the games you see AC doing a lot more then the numbers suggest.  The thing I have found most admirable about his recent resurrgence is his ability to make up for the loss of Ty's speed.  No, AC is not going to drive it to the rack after blowing by his guy in the half court offense like Ty can, but he is pushing the pace like Ty does.  With his veteran savvy and passing ability (better then Ty's IMO) AC is finding the second unit  (and Nene) open constantly and reaping the benefits.  The team scoring totals show that we've picked up the pace.  We're scoring more, opponents are scoring more but the winning margin is staying relatively the same, which means more possessions are being crammed into the game because of a fast pace style.


The player benefitting from this the most has to be JR Smith (who has been amazing as well)  Since AC took over in the beginning of march, JR has scored 20 or more points 3 times.  JR has only scored 20 or more points 4 times in one month once this season.  He's already got three and the month isn't even half over. 

All in all, I'd say its time for the haters, first and foremost myself, to eat some crow and give AC the credit he deserves.  I for one am damn glad he's on this team and for those of you who wonder, I like my crow pan seared in butter and olive and served over a bed of mashed potatoes with a side of mixed greens

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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