How our deadline plays out...

So basically we have been mentioned with almost every back up big in the league... well i want to point some things out... basically if you go to hoopshype it says that the Nuggets struck out with Thomas because the Bulls GM doesnt want our scrubs.... bummer


Then there's another article saying we have asked about kurt thomas and hakim warrick both from the bucks....

While yest. i commented Drew Gooden will most likely be bought out, which was also from hoopshype, They listed us Charlotte, Dallas (after 30 days) and i think Milwauke 

Now today on hoops hype it has two interesting things, 

1. It appears as we could get Mccdyess if we want him, but idk hes old and i dont think we wna pay him twice

2. Apparently the Cavs are on the verge of aquiring Jamison in a 3 team trade that sends Gooden west, instead of him being bought out heres the source:

Twitter of Michael Lee, Wiz writer

Source told me that the Wizards are closing in on a 3-team trade that will send Antawn Jamison to CLE and Drew Gooden to a Western Conf team

So idk what other team it would be in the west that got Gooden but it could possibly be us...


Personally i hope we some how manage to get thomas, but idk.... if we cant get anything i say we trade for MccDyess at the last minutes or if not hope which ever team Gooden gets traded to gets bought out


2nd EDIT: WELL THE CLIPPERS ARE PLANNING TO BUYOUT GOODENS CONTRACT ACCORDING TO A TWEET POSTED ON HOOPSHYPE, i cant copy it, its not letting me... so if you dont believe me check 

Later it lists Charlotte, Milwauke and Denver as suitors.... as well as a return to Dallas

3rd Edit: I know this isnt directly linked to denver, but by ways it can be... according to David Aldrige, Salmons is prob heading to Milwauke for Kurt Thomas and Elson... I think this is actually good for denver in two ways... It means that Chicago wont get McGrady meaning there is a chance (prob small now) that we get Tyrus Thomas **fingers crossed... The other thing i could see is, Chicago buying out Kurts contract b/c he wont play much there... they already have miller and noah.... so mayb we could get Kurt if all else fails

Source about Salmons:

TNT's David Aldridge has more on the John Salmons saga. Sources say the Bulls' swingman could be headed to the Bucks in a deal that's close to being completed.
HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS -- A league source tells TNT's David Aldridge that the Chicago Bulls are close to a deal to send swingman John Salmons to the Milwaukee Bucks for forward Kurt Thomas and center Francisco Elson.

The move would bring back two expiring contracts to the Bulls in exchange for Salmons, who has one year (a player option) remaining, at more than $5 million. This would allow the Bulls to pursue a max-level free agent this summer, the team's goal throughout this season.

The Bucks would get a starter in Salmons at small forward for the rest of this season and next, without sacrificing cap room for the summer of 2011, when the Bucks plan to be active in free agency.

Trading Salmons alone also signals Chicago is likely out of the running for Houston's Tracy McGrady, as Salmons was supposed to be part of that deal.

Source from

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