Dominance Continued

For those of you who read my dissertation of what the Nuggets need to be a championship contender here is the conclusion.  As history and rival teams clearly point out to us, a dominant big is needed.  I believe Oden, Yao, Bynum, Howard and maybe McGee have the physical skills to be dominant in this league.  Oden and Yao's careers are obviously going to be severely hampered because of injuries.  There is a good chance neither will ever be 100% again.

Howard is looking like the Superman he is and is clearly untouchable.  McGee is an obvious part of a rebuilding effort in Was and is not going to be available.  I have already stated that the rest of the centers in the league are lacking in one critical area or another but I will state the issues with Stiffy's favorite Gasol here one more time.  He is slow.  Very slow.  He also doesn't get off the floor quickly.  He gets abused on pick and rolls and doesn't defend the rim well.  Absolutely necessary for a dominant big.  I have watched him play many times.  I know he is a favorite here and I would love to have him but first of all he'll get offered the max by some team and he won't choose Denver if the money is even.

That of course leaves Bynum.  Bynum has the size, mobility, hops, timing, (evidenced by his block numbers), quickness, length and strength to be dominant.  He also has a couple years experience in the league.  Here is the trade, Bynum for Anthony straight up.  Works on trade machine.

For all those who point to Bynum's health issues I will say this.  We only do this trade with several very good doctors clearing his knees, etc.  This will be reference point number one (RP1). 

I bet Anthony does this.  Goes to a contender.  A media mecca so LaLa is happy.  Yeah it's not NY but have Kupchak, Kobe and Jackson all sit down in a room with Melo and I guarantee they'll walk out with a signed contract extension.  Kobe and Melo are supposedly friends.  LA needs a new guy to infuse some excitement and Melo can be that guy. 

I bet LA does this as they are slipping.  They still have a 2 - 3 year window to win with Gasol and Kobe and Odom and Artest and they have the chance to add another borderline superstar.  This instantly makes them better than Dallas, SA and Miami who right now look like they'd beat LA hands down in the playoffs.  This would be a bit of a panic move by LA and they usually don't do that but we can hope. 

(The best part is that Kobe will inevitably clash with Melo as Kobe is a grade A super#@%& and can't handle others being the star.  Kobe will take his comments over Melo's defense to the media and it'll be worse than Shaq Kobe because Kobe is older and more set in his ways.  Both guys will fight over last second shots and eventually Melo will demand a trade again because it worked the first time.  And there is no way to hide it with the LA media always around.) 

Denver should do this in a heartbeat.  In this scenario they receive back more than they could have hoped for Anthony.  Bynum is starting to revert back to his dominant self as testified to by his dismantling of NO last night.  Points, rebounds, blocks and minutes are all up.  His per minute stats are great and he's still obviously playing his way into shape.  His best statistical season in 07-08 came when he was 20 yrs old.  20.  He is only 23 right now.  He is gonna be a monster when healthy and 26-30.  That gives the Nuggets three to five years to rebuild and surround him with talent.  This scenario is the only one where Nuggets rebuild on the fly because with Ty, Billups, JR and Nene we'd only really need a minor piece of two.  If injuries etc. happen we do a firesale and rebuild through the draft.

Reference point number 2 (RP2).  Most fans on this sight are Nuggets fans and Laker haters.  I am too.  However when it comes down to it I am more of a Nugget fan.  If the Lakers are the only team in the league with a available dominant big we need to give them Melo.  I don't care if it hands them the championship.  We'll have a potential dynasty with a dominant big like Bynum.  Those who don't want to trade Melo to Lakers because it makes them better are the whole cut off your nose to spite your face crowd.

Finally, I don't think LA will do this.  They have demonstrated great patience in the past and the window to get the most for Melo is closing.  We will probably have to add Nene to make the deal work.  Trade machine says Walton, Bynum, Barnes and Fisher works for Nene and Melo.  We do this if Melo won't sign with LA or LA says Melo isn't enough. 

This situation is undoubtedly uglier.  This involves a real rebuild and that we will suck for a couple years.  But Melo is the best trade chip Denver has had in years (maybe ever).  Why would we accept Favors (undoubted potential) and firsts (in a draft with very few center prospects, none dominant) when we could get the one thing every team in the league covets and is necessary for a championship.  Bynum as a Nugget, with a decent GM will bring a championship to Denver, history backs this up.  No other Melo trade can say that.  Cmon Stiffy's, make some noise for this and maybe it'll happen.  I for one don't want to watch mediocre basketball for the next ten years.  I don't want to be the Mavs or Bucks or Indiana or Clippers or Atlanta or any other team that tries to rebuild without a dominant big.  Bynum brings the real potential for a championship.  He could be had.  GO GET HIM JOSH.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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