Big ol' Rebuild

At the start of the season I thought the Nuggets rebuilding would be probable.  Remaining optimistic that things would work out the season went on but at this point now I believe a rebuild is imminent.  The team isn't working well,  Playing well and seem unmotivated.  Melo doesn't want to be here so the FO may aswell get him out asap.

Melo leaving isn't neccessarily a terrible thing.  Sure it is now for this season but if the talent and picks we get back work out fans of the nuggets will soon find happiness in a new younger team and although he is a great player,  under the next CBA Melos contract will be a monster and would be hard for the Nuggets to do much with in terms of getting other talent anyway.

The Nuggets are in a pretty good place to rebuild after Melos departure and with smart trades and signings we can be a good team in no time.

First off sending out Melo - Rebuild commences

DEN sends - C Anthony, A Harrington, C Billups

DEN rec - D Favors, G wallace, T murphy, D James, GS 1st, NJ 1st


NJ sends - D Favors, T Murphy, D james, T Outlaw two 1st rounders,

NJ rec - C Anthony, A Harrington, D Diop, CHA pick


CHA sends - G Wallace, D Diop, Ist rounder

CHA rec - C Billups, T Outlaw

We get the next best SF in the league in Gerald Wallace for a cheaper price than Melo. We send out Harringtons contract and get cap space and picks

NJ gets Melo and Harrington to fill PF hole and please Melo without giving up Harris.  Get rid of Outlaw who is useless behind Melo

CHA loses Wallace but gets Outlaw who isn't bad and could excell there.  Get a floor leader and solid point guard in Billups.  Gets rid of Diops contract

This would leave us however with one PG so if possible/needed we send J.R to NJ instead and they send Harris to Charlotte

So after the trade deadline we are left with

Lawson( Billups)


Favors, Bird, Forbes ,James, (Smith)


Great defensive starting lineup.  Poor scoring bench without Harrington or if we trade JR But will provide bigger roles for Forbes and Favors.  Wont matter much as season would be over then with cap space if we could get Gasol or someone like Butler, J-rich, Crawford we will be a decent team in no time at all

If none of these trades work im sure small changes could be made to get a DEN,CHA,NJ deal done with either more picks/ talent/ cap space easily avaliable to be shared around

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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