How to really blow up the Nuggets and rebuild from scratch.

This loss against the 76ers was one of the most horrific losses in recent memory for the Nuggets.  This was a team that looked uninterested, confused and flat out dickless.  So even if Melo leaves (Really, who are we kidding anymore?) it's time for Masai Ujiri and Josh Kroenke to make some tough choices.  This is not a matter of changing personnel, but a change in philosophy. 

First thing we have to do is let go of George Karl.  I'm appreciative of his battle with cancer, impressed by his courage but quite frankly he's been one of the bigger problems of the team.  He refuses to play the game of momentum and his lineups are continual game of WTF.  Tonight's game against the 76ers in the 4th quarter they went on a 19-2 run, the only dead ball stop was a foul on Denver and Karl just sub'ed out some players.  Totally unacceptable.

It's time to bring in a Coach that understands the importance of Momentum and Defense, that my friends is Mike Brown.  Mike Brown's has been one of the most successful coaches in the last few years.  His firing after the playoffs was more o.f appeasing to LeBitch than a basketball move.  His teams were always prepared and played tough excellent defense.

One of the traits of Denver Nuggets is a fast upbeat offense dependent on scoring in transitions and relying on athleticism.  What we should do is SCRAP THAT PHILOSOPHY.  Teams that like to score on the uptempo (Like, Golden State, Denver, New York Knicks) always flameout of the playoffs because teams step up their defense and tends to temper that style of Offense.

What we need to do is finally become that half court offense team.  Come up with some offensive system that relies on unselfish passing and mistake free basketball.  Sure we might not score as much, but we end up with meaningful possessions.  Think about it this way, how many times have the Nuggets scored a quick 2 points (like 6 seconds into the shot clock) only for the other team to burn off the clock and score a 3 pointer.  Playoff Basketball relies on Half Court Offense and Defense.  Mike Brown can give this to us.

Next year we're really on the hoof for the following players.

My hope is that when Melo gets traded that Al Harrington goes.  With the new CBA his contract (While modest could be an issue) could be an albatross so if we have a chance to unload him we take it.  We're rebuilding here and this money going to an aging Veteran who doesn't bring much of anything except scoring could be going to some younger players to develop.

The current best deal for Melo appears to be Derrick Favors, an expiring contract (Troy Murphy) and 4 1st round picks.  We need to take this deal ASAP.  Favors figures to be a beast of a player eventually, and he'll be a valuable piece in the future.

Here's what I suggest for personnel moves for the Nuggets Front Office

  • Let KMart, Nene walk
  • Throw whatever contract (Short of a Max contract) for Marc Gasol
  • Buyout Chauncey at 3.4 Million, then if he ok with staying on a rebuilding team re-sign at 3yrs/15 Million
  • Re-sign Arron Afflalo and JR Smith (Both are still quite young)
  • Work the draft and find a suitable scorer to replace Carmelo Anthony

I hope the Front Office is really ready up for this challenge, we can end up much, much better if this pans out right.  Or we end up like the nuggets between 98-2002.  GO NUGGETS!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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