Nuggets should acquire Kevin Love

the way Klove obliterated, dominated, owned our frontcourt, we need him on the nuggets not against us.

we all know that obviously there has been much speculation about the future of the nuggets. Blah blah, melo wants to leave we have to let him go… but why do the nuggets have to get worse in this deal? Target Kevin Love. The twolves have been known to give away players (kevin Garnett, rubio, ty Lawson). Give NY melo, give wolves the leftover players. Nuggets get Kevin love. The way Marlowe was talking about klove on Saturday I think it was foreshadowing, he was giving klove the equivalent of an audio blowjob. Denver fans would love Kevin love, demographics basically plus klove is really good, dare I say better than melo bc he scores his points within the offense and rebounds every game. Because denver nugs fans do not want derrick favors a  rookie who has never shown dominance (bottom line, we give away melo, nugs get a rookie who has never dominated offensively at GT or for nets, bad deal for fans). If the nets drafted demarcus cousins, melo would have been traded already, bad management its their fault bc cousins is a lion who has dominated with FG%, rebounds, baby hook shot.  

ok so there are media writers on the east coast who use anonymous sources to propagate the nuggets are a nothing team, essentially they imply that the people of colorado who like the nuggets dont like our team as much as other teams fans like their teams. the writers ignore the fact that the nuggets have been to the playoffs 7 years strait, 2nd best in the NBA. they ignore that the nuggets have the 4th highest payroll in the NBA, ok if a dollar is spent in colorado it is equally as valuable as a dollar spent in NY. the writers state that melo wants to go to NY, nuggets are holding that up and then somehow that is our fault. hey always say the "mercurial JR smith (dunno what that means)" the "colorful birdman" espn cant give the nuggets future rankings until they know what happens to melo (thats BS the nuggets are playing games now, grade us on how we are today, live in the present moment not the future.) the NBA steals games from the nuggets all the time with horrible calls against melo, fouls on Nene, that san antonio game.

a few things to think about are: is there a way for melo to stay on the nuggets and what is it? 1st factor is money. a fact is that there will be a new CBA and contacts will be lowered losing up to possibly 20 million dollars. can anybody in america justify losing 20 mill in this econony, NO. another thing is that carmelo is 26 years old. the nuggets are asking him to sign for 3 more years, bringing the total contract to 4 years 80 million. melo will be 30. he could go to the knicks then, correct. he would still have many years of his life and off seasons that could be spent in NY and he would still get the money and very likely win a champsionship, which he claims he wants, with billups and karl afterall his career could last all the way to 36 years or older. if he doesnt go to NY now, its not like he "wont ever do nothing in his career" which is an infamous quote.

 yet, with how blantently awful the NBA refs treats the nuggets, i understand why melo want to leave. its as though david stern told him personally 'i will never allow denver to win a championship' similar to sacramento vs LA in 2002, so melo know to win a title he must leave. Look at some facts: the NBA cares about image, looks at those community commercials and you know. Now look at JR and birdman both come from New Orleans hornets, both are covered in tats, melo fought in NY and was suspended, kmart had necklips, we are refered to as the thuggets. stern always says hes an “internationalist” and the NBA is a global brand. only 7 teams have won a championship since 1983. It’s the cities: Miami, Chicago, Detroit, LA, Boston, Houston/San Antonio (international players-hakeem, Duncan, ginobili, texas high population cities). Without NY these are the biggest markets, most recognizable international cities in US. Obviously the NBA has a business model. Ok because they don’t only sell TV rights and NBA merchandise only to American places. It is easier to market the cities that people in other countries know. People in Madrid, Beijing, Hong kong etc enjoy NBA basketball, but don’t know where denver Colorado IS, therefore they wont buy nuggets apparel, therefore NBA will not allow denver championship, period.

another perspective to consider is the denver nuggets. as someone from denver i care more for the name on the front of the jersey (nuggets) than the player. consider our other players, JR smith, [Lawson] Afflalo, Nene, Billups, Forbes, Martin, Sheldon. all these players are essentially free agents. if melo re-signs with the nuggets, the team will lose either JR or Afflalo, wont be able to keep martin, and forbes will likely be gone. consider: could the nuggets win with these players as in overtake utah and OKC without melo? which players would nuggets choose to not have, obviously martin but besides that i like all these players essentially more than melo (besides the fact that melo is the best player, hes damn good.) our best scoring games were without melo vs toronto, phoenix and vs milwakee in 2nd half. So I would give away melo and keep all the other players, at least theyre fan favorites.


CHOICE 1 trade Nene for KLove, re-sign melo, lose afflalo, Martin, forbes, Nene keep JR, Lawson, Billups lineup 1.lawson 2.billups 3.melo 4?Martin 5. Klove bench JR, Harrington, birdman

CHOICE 2 trade melo to NY, Nuggets acquire Klove. Lineup 1.Billups 2.JR 3.Forbes 4.Klove 5.Nene bench Lawson, Afflalo, Harrington, Birdman. i think there is a way to a title with either choice, JR is improving has high ceiling.

Finally please never criticize Billups. He is not old, he grasp what Karl is trying to do, his game does not revolve around speed, never  undervalue his BIG shots. Chauncey makes our other players better. Chauncey taught Lawson, JR, Melo, afflalo. If Jason kidd can still start so can Chauncey. Hes from denver. Him being on a team besides the nugs is more harmful than good. AND he has to start, due to how he stretches before games and is warmed up.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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