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Thank God for Thanksgiving.  No work and the chance to spend hours on my computer looking up stats and comparing who is the best trade for the Nuggets right now.  Grounded for a while with shoulder surgery, my anxiety for the Nuggets got the best of me.  For those of you wondering what the stats say here is some info based off PER.  The rest of the day will be spent with family and friends but for now I can indulge in the NBA.

Harris - PER of 22.1, good for 6th out of all pt guards and 20th in the entire league.  If anyone watched the Boston game last night they saw Harris play smart and tough.  Good defense on Pierce and a smart going to the basket hard play to get fouled.  Harris the main reason the game was close.  If the rest of his team didn't suck so bad they might have won.

Favors - PER of 15.5, good for 36th of all PF's.  Favors had a forgettable game last night but it's hard to be a rookie going against a championship caliber team.  He is however ranked 7th among rookies and 2nd in rookie PF's.  Athletic but not powerful Favors' ceiling seems to be a better Kenyon Martin (hopefully one who can shoot).

Melo - PER of 23.7 good for 2nd in SF's and 11th in the league.  Playing better than Durant. 

Bynum for Melo has been brought up more than once (by myself included) and Bynum's PER of 22.1 when he was 21 and healthy would rank him 3rd of all centers right now behind Howard and Horford.   Bynum's season when he was 21 basically matches Howard's season when he was 21.  The problem of course is the injuries.

Forbes - PER of 15.8 good for 17th among SG's and better than AAA and JR who come in at 13.9.  Second best sg among rookies (I know he's old) behind Landry Fields.  Give the man more playing time.

Our pt guard position is suffering right now with Lawson and CB both just over a 13 PER for a ranking of 38th and 39th at the position.  I don't think they will stay there and both will improve a lot but the play of that position (as has been pointed out by others) is definitely part of what is wrong in Denver.

Enjoy your day and may Melo be thankful that he is in Denver!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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